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TeachNet Grant Winners
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TeachNet Grant Winners
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TeachNet Adaptor Grants

About the Program

The TeachNet Adaptor Grant program awarded teachers who used and adapted an original TeachNet project for their own classroom. Teachers chose from over 650 teacher-created, grant-winning projects in varying subject areas and grade levels posted online at the TeachNet database. Teachers, in consultation with the Teachers Network team and trainers, taught the unit, tailored it to fit the needs of their classroom and students, and submitted a project profile and examples of student work to be eligible for the grant. TeachNet teachers who originally created the curriculum were acknowledged by having a link posted to their original web page stating that another teacher used and adapted their unit.

TeachNet Adaptor Grant Winners

Major funding for the
TeachNet Adaptor Grant Program was provided by
Grant Winner: School: Project Title & Link to Adapted Project: Adapted From:
Angela Ajasin P.S. 35 Rainforest Adventures Alice Hom
Imeh Akpan P.S. 35 Pedestrian Safety Jill Williams
Katie Anderson P.S. 124 Tantalizing Tangrams Carolyn Hornik
Thelma Atayde P.S. 35 It’s About Time Marion Peluso
Nancy Augello P.S. 124 Internet Search Skills Christine Poser
Sherri Behr P.S. 124 What Type of Home Do You Live In? Margaret McQuade
Mireya Betancourt P.S. 35 Everybody Fiesta: A Unit on Hispanic Celebrations Lesson Plan: Hispanic Heritage Month: Rosa M. Sampedro
Jennifer Call P.S. 35 Show Me the Money Kathy Devus
Dolly Calyen P.S. 35 The Wonderful World of Arthur Lesson Plan About Arthur: Carol Delancy
Christine Catalano P.S. 124 My Neighborhood: A Webquest Carolyn Hornik
Judy (Ka Fai) Chan P.S. 124 Opening Our Own Post Office Barbara Cornell Chavez and Kimberly Lloyd
Waiyee Chan P.S. 124 Electronic Book for Beginners Jessica Rivera
Ziggy Chodor P.S. 124 Cardio-Vascular Endurance in Physical Education C. O'Connor
Rosalie L. Clarke P.S. 35 Bees Elizabeth Linero
Jacqueline Coban P.S. 35 Graphing & Analyzing Our School's Attendance Francesco Ianni
Pat Copp P.S. 35 The Kid Alphabet Laura Sarago
Gloria De Jesus P.S. 35 Gardening Jessica Rivera
Hilton Dionet P.S. 124 Com-Post With Us? Rosa Duarte
Sandra Edwards P.S. 35 Stock Market Game Carolyn Hornik
Anne Farmer P.S. 261 A Peaceful Place is Powerful for the Mind Leamon Jones
Jessica Gold P.S. 35 Responsibility: Caring for Classroom Virtual Pets Cindy Lewis
Eludina Gonzalez P.S. 35 Plants, They Grow on You Terry Garcia
Lori Gordon P.S. 35 Our State Road Trip M. Woods
Alicia Grace P.S. 35 Our Little Town Phyllis Sicuranza
Reeshamah Grayson P.S. 35 Parts of Speech Tracee Sudyka
Donna Hannibal P.S. 35 Take a Spin Through the Solar System Terry Garcia
Frank Hernandez P.S. 35 Who's Who In Black History Mary Clancy
Debbi Hom P.S. 124 Claude Monet and his Friends and Followers Clara Winters
Janet Jimenez P.S. 38 If... Then Probably Janet Shiers
Sauda Johnson P.S. 35 Our Little Town Phyllis Sicuranza
Deirdre Kelly P.S. 124 Seeds of Learning Karen Olszewski
Patricia Kwan P.S. 124 Can You Measure Up? Carmen Concepcion
Patricia Kwan P.S. 124 Tantalizing Tangrams Carolyn Hornik
Patricia Lee P.S. 124 My Neighborhood Carolyn Hornik
Stella Lee P.S. 35 Five Senses Isabel Salido
Allisyn Levy P.S. 261 Don’t Smoke or You Might Choke Tobacco Information and Prevention Sources (TIPS)
Lauren Lindner P.S. 124 Tantalizing Tangrams Carolyn Hornik
Marisa Loccisano P.S. 124 Little Hands Help The Homeless Jennifer Rosher
Daphne Miles P.S. 35 What Type of Home Do You Live In? Margaret McQuade
Melissa Moy P.S. 124 What Sense Does It Make? Cindy Lewis
Melissa Moy P.S. 124 Symmetrical Butterfly Project Veronica Barkley
Chantal Newman P.S. 35 My Neighborhood: A WebQuest Carolyn Hornik
Judy Ng P.S. 124 Tantalizing Tangrams Carolyn Hornik
Samantha Ng P.S. 124 Sea Life Exploration Eleanor Christian
Samantha Ng P.S. 124 Eric Carle Author Study Carolyn Hornik
Dawn Panebianco P.S. 124 In Their Own Words: The Slave Narratives Anne Bryant
Dana Parentini P.S. 124 Our State Road Trip Mrs. Woods
Mayra Perez P.S. 35 The Tropical Rainforest Bonnie Glasgold
Artemisa Pichardo P.S. 35 Rain Forest Adventures Alice Hom
Long A. Quach P.S. 35 Tantalizing Tangrams Carolyn Hornik
Rona Raines P.S. 124 Welcome To Space Isabel Salido
Rona Raines P.S. 124 Egyptian Art: The Case of the Missing Mummy Lori Langsner
Nancy Augello-Rastetter P.S. 124 Goobers. Goobers? Goobers! Ms. Elizabeth
Maureen Reilly P.S. 261 Celebrating Explorers Steven Blum
Maureen Reilly P.S. 261 Help Save Wilbur Steven Manes
Peggy Robles-Alvarado P.S. 35 Bats! Beatriz Vazquez
Jose Rosario P.S. 35 The Water Cycle: A Repeating Pattern in Nature Ben Goldstein
Jennifer Rousseau P.S. 35 Bees Elizabeth Linero
Pamela Rutledge P.S. 35 What Type of Home Do You Live In? Margaret McQuade
Margaret Sodamade P.S. 35 What's The Matter? Bonnie Glasgold
Danielle Taylor & Rebecca Sacra P.S. 261 Age of Exploration: A Class Timeline Martha McIntyre
Danielle Taylor & Rebecca Sacra P.S. 261 Christopher Columbus Webquest Dierdre Kelly
Danielle Taylor & Rebecca Sacra P.S. 261 Through the Looking Glass: Life in Colonial Times Miriam Gomez
Angela Turnier P.S. 124 Through the Looking Glass - Life in Colonial Times Miriam Gomez
Angela Turnier P.S. 124 Non-Fiction Animal Picture Book Kim Edelmann
Delores Walker P.S. 35 Celebrating Black History Month Steven Blum
Delores Walker P.S. 35 Bubble Mania, the Scientific Method Michael Makin
Nancy Welch P.S. 124 Creating A Family Tree Ann Stephenson
Shannon Wood P.S. 124 Brush Up On Your Teeth Louise Campbell and Olivia Crotty
Shannon Wood P.S. 124 Tantalizing Tangrams Carolyn Hornik
Stacey Gong-Zhang P.S. 124 Our Five Senses Isabel Salido
Lorry Zuckerbrow P.S. 35 Marvelous Math-Colorful Fractions Ann Stephenson


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