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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

Amelia Anderson: Darwin's Evolution

Ann Marie Horton: Exploring Careers Online - The Job Hunt

Angela Lee: Home Sweet Home: Buying a House

Angela Lee: Flaming Weasels: The Perfect Sound

Angela Lee: Women in Mathematics

Anthony Salcedo: Naturally Disastrous!

Anthony Salcedo: Choose or Lose: The Electoral Process

Anthony Salcedo: Lunch Food? Mmmm! Mmmm! Good!

Anthony Salcedo: Manga Mania

Anthony Salcedo: You Want It! We Got It!

Anthony Salcedo: The Real Way to Moolah Beach!

Anthony Salcedo: NutritionQuest

Anthony Salcedo: Which School Will You Choose?

Anthony Salcedo: “So Tell Me About Your Trip...”

Anthony Salcedo: "The Vision" Contest

Andy Szeto: Art as a Social Record

Audrey Woloshin: What is astronomy?

Audrey Woloshin: The Cay: Creatures of the Coral Reef

Audrey Woloshin: Making Science/Literature Connections: El Guero

Bonnie Glasgold: Meteorology - We're all Under (Air) Pressure!

Bonnie Glasgold: What on Earth is a Biome?

Bonnie Glasgold: Meteorology- How's the Weather?

Bonnie Glasgold: Operation Desert Learn

Bonnie Glasgold: Who Eats Whom? A Food Chain WebQuest

Bonnie Glasgold: Fossils!

Bonnie Glasgold: Meteorology- How's the Weather?

Bonnie Glasgold: Magnetism and Electricity

Bonnie Glasgold: What's the Matter?

Bonnie Glasgold: The Ocean Biome: "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean"

Bonnie Glasgold: The Tropical Rain Forest

Bonnie Glasgold: Rocketry in Motion

Bonnie Glasgold: Let's Rock! A Unit on Rocks and Minerals

Bonnie Glasgold: It's Written in the Stars!

Bonnie Glasgold: Meteorology- How's the Weather?

Ben Goldstein: Culture, Climate, and Current Events

Ben Goldstein: The Water Cycle: A Repeating Pattern in Nature

Barbara Ruszkowski: The Census

Beiqi Tao: Creating a Pamphlet for/by ESL Students

Beiqi Tao: Designing a Travel Brochure

Bo Wu: Julius Caesar-the Historical Figure and the Character

Bo Wu: Julius Caesar

Bo Wu: Arthur Miller, Drama, War Poetry

Bo Wu: College Research and College Essay Writing

Cari Gersh: What We Need to Know About AIDS

Cari Gersh: Bringing Cultures Together

Cari Gersh: ESL News Press

Carolyn Hornik: Coming to America

Carolyn Hornik: Author Study

Carolyn Hornik: A Virtual Tour of Brazil

Carolyn Hornik: Checkmate

Carolyn Hornik: There's a Hurricane Out There

Carolyn Hornik: Get a Job

Carolyn Hornik: Millennium Superheroes

Carolyn Hornik: We're On A Mission!

Carolyn Hornik: It’s A Mystery To Me

Carolyn Hornik: My Neighborhood: A WebQuest

Carolyn Hornik: Let's Play Scrabble!

Carolyn Hornik: Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss!

Carolyn Hornik: Unit: Stock Market Game: Graphing Stocks

Carolyn Hornik: The Stock Market Game

Carolyn Hornik: Tantalizing Tangrams

Carolyn Hornik: The Road to the White House

Carolyn Hornik: Rebuilding The World Trade Center Site: A 9/11 Tribute

Carla Huck: Bon Appétit: Exploring the Brasseries of Paris

Carla Huck: Un Samedi à Paris

Carla Huck: Let's Plan a Trip!

Catherine Kelleher: Narrative Writing for Publication

Cindy Lewis: Responsibility: Caring for Classroom "Virtual" Pets

Cindy Lewis: What Sense Does It Make?

Raymond S. Cottrell: Clouds - Not Just for Raining

Christine Poser: Internet Search Skills 101

Christine Poser: A Venetian Carnival

Olivia D'Aponte: Benvenuti alla mia pagina

Dan Fenner: Energy Transfer: The Movie

Dan Fenner: Virtual Travel through the USA

Denise Goldman: Searching for the American Dream

Denise Goldman: Figuring Out the Finches in To Kill a Mockingbird

Denise Goldman: Uncovering Personalities in Othello

Denise Goldman: Understanding the Basics of Poetry

Denise Goldman: Symbolism in The Scarlet Letter

Diane Lufrano: Brochure Design

Dinu Pietraru: Creating a School Web Site

Dinu Pietraru: In Search of Dracula: History and Imagination

Dinu Pietraru: Romeo and Juliet: The Theme of Love in Literature and the Arts

Danielle Stentella: Bon Appétit: Cooking Crepes in Ms. Stentella's French Class

Denise Zackman: Primer For The Stock Market Game

Elissa Berkowitz: Author in the Spotlight

Elissa Berkowitz: The Great Debate

Elissa Berkowitz: Genre Study: An Exposé

Elissa Berkowitz: The Search: Real Answers for the ‘Write’ People

Eleanor Christian: Sea Life Exploration

Edward Colley: Forecast the National Weather

Edward Colley: Plate Tectonics

Frances Carroll: The Fascinating Moon Walk

Francesco Ianni: Graphing and Analyzing Our School’s Attendance

Francesco Ianni: Best Fit Line

Francesco Ianni: Mean, Median, and Mode

Francesco Ianni: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Michelle Flammia: Moving from Talking with Pictures to Speaking with Words and Sound

Michelle Flammia: Holiday Shopping with the Nonverbal Child

Rosemary Del Valle: Travel with Me: A Guide for Students

Gary Newman: Presidential Decisions

Helen Hanwit: Savoring Halloween with Graveyard Pizza

Henry Ruan: Click! Writing Through Digital Photography

Henry Ruan: Tweens for Teens: A Beginner's Guide to Animation

Gabrielle Irlinger-Dingle: Saving the Rainforests

Jean Dente: How Does Your Garden Grow?

Joan McLaughlin: Digging Into the Past

Andy Szeto: Art as a Social Record

John Pettorino: Exploring the Renaissance and Reformation

Julie Vitulano: Lance Armstrong - Tour de France

Julie Vitulano: A Trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame (Writing a Persuasive Letter)

Julie Vitulano: TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

Julie Vitulano: Theatre for Teenagers in New York City

Julie Vitulano: TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

Julie Vitulano: Universal Studios' Roller Coasters

Julie Vitulano: Theatre for Teenagers in New York City

Jill Williams: Transforming Fairy Tales

Jill Williams: Pedestrian Safety

Andrea Kaufman: What Makes a Good Friend?

Laura Anderson: About Me

Laura Anderson: GIF Animation

Laura Anderson: Swim with the Fishes: Creating Animated Aquariums

Laura Anderson: Buzzing with the Bees

Laura Anderson: Photoshop Brush and Shape Tools

Laura Anderson: Reflection and Similarity: Designing a Coat of Arms

Laura Anderson: Tutorial: Creating a Collage

Laura Anderson: Math + Computers = Fun

Laura Anderson: Geometry on the Web

Laura Anderson: All About My School

Laura Anderson: Write A Winning Resume!

Laura Anderson: Sketching the Pythagorean Theorem

Laura Anderson: Triangle Exploration

Larry Buskey: The Lessons of Emmett Till

Lori Langsner: Sculpting a Modern Art Chair with van Gogh & Gauguin

Lori Langsner: Egyptian Art: The Case of the Missing Mummy

Lori Langsner: Painting Water-lilies and Sunflowers: A Walk in an Impressionist Garden with Monet & van Gogh


Lori Langsner: Artful Installations: 3D Constructions

Lori Langsner: A Mask For All Seasons

Lori Langsner: MONET

Lori Langsner: "Wake Up and Smell the Roses” - Georgia O’Keeffe

Lori Langsner: Spiraling Through the Guggenheim:  Exploring 20th Century Masterpieces

Lori Langsner: Chasing Vermeer: A DaVinci Code for Children

Lori Langsner: Vincent van Gogh

Louis Velez: Futuristics

Louis Velez: Postcards from Abroad

Linda Wang: Beginnngs

Linda Wang: Friendship

Linda Wang: Friendship v2

Matt Wayne: The Fishbowl: Using Action Research to Meet Standards and Improve Class Discussions

Margaret McQuade: What type of home do you live in?

Margaret McQuade: Dream Houses

Meryl Meisler: China CultureQuest

Meryl Meisler: New Museum Project

Meryl Meisler: So, So Surreal Self-Portraits

Meryl Meisler: Learning About the Aging Process

Meryl Meisler: Alice on the Web

Meryl Meisler: The Bleeding Edge

Meryl Meisler: The Buddha Chronicles

Meryl Meisler: Calligraphy and Me

Meryl Meisler: Cave Painting in the I.C.E. Age

Meryl Meisler: Through The Looking-Glass Chess: Create Your Own Games!

Meryl Meisler: Composition Compositions

Meryl Meisler: The Creative Process

Meryl Meisler: Deep Research

Meryl Meisler: Teenage Diaries

Meryl Meisler: Drawing Into The Imagination

Meryl Meisler: Dream Streets

Meryl Meisler: Driver’s Education

Meryl Meisler: In India I-Search

Meryl Meisler: Enter Through the Form: Explore Japan Treasure Hunt

Meryl Meisler: The Label Project

Meryl Meisler: Ask the Oracle (About China)

Meryl Meisler: Unseen Perspectives

Meryl Meisler: Women's History Scrolls

Meryl Meisler: Spectrum Stories

Meryl Meisler: The Time of Our Lives: Bridging the Generations

Meryl Meisler: Totem Transformations

Meryl Meisler: Women's History Scrolls

Meryl Meisler: Invisible Workers

Susan Morey: Travels With...

Marion Peluso: Connecting to China

Marion Peluso: Journey Through Outer Space

Marion Peluso: It's About Time

Marion Peluso: Touring The World With Tomie dePaola

Maureen Wolf: Ridgewood, New York – Now and Then

Vivian Nacionales: Producing Commercials for Videotaping

Vivian Nacionales: Elvis Lives!

Vivian Nacionales: Producing Public Service Announcements for Video

Nancy Sotomayor-Einstein: Exhilarating European Escapades

Nancy King: Researching African Americans Who Made a Difference

Terri Pakula: Using Screen Shots in the Curriculum

Peggy Maslow: Creating a Poetry Website

Peggy Maslow: Having Our Say

Peggy Maslow: Hot links for Student Journalists

Peggy Maslow: Inherit the Wind Webquest

Peggy Maslow: Oral History Interview and Essay

Peggy Maslow: Writing a Short Story Based on Kindred

Peggy Maslow: Interpreting Shakespeare's Macbeth

Peggy Maslow: Taking Action Against Indifference: Eli Wiesel's "Night"

Peggy Maslow: TeachNet: 1984, by George Orwell - Fact or Fantasy?

Peggy Maslow: Create an Web Site For Favorite Poems

Peggy Maslow: Creating a Poetry Website

Peggy Maslow: Witness for the Prosecution: Online Newspaper

Joe Prestianni & Michele Forschner-Prestianni: The Great American Melting Pot

Phyllis Sicuranza: Our Little Town

Robin Donovan: A Journey to Africa: Art & Artifacts

Robin Donovan: Travel Through Time with a Family Member and Me

Susan Geller Ettenheim: Slavery in America During the Civil War

Pat Shea-Bischoff: A Self-Portrait — Collage

Pat Shea-Bischoff: Family Heirlooms

Pat Shea-Bischoff: Monsters & Myths

Pat Shea-Bischoff: Literary Valentines

Susan Herzog: U.S. - Japan Internet Collaboration

Susan Herzog: Student Experiment Flies On NASA Space Shuttle!

Sandy Scragg: Catching on to Catcher in the Rye

Sandy Scragg: You Can't Handle the Truth: A Web Quest on The Crucible

Sandy Scragg: All the News Too Fit for Print

Sandy Scragg: Out Loud: Preparing for a Poetry Read-Aloud

Sandra A. Skea: Go Yankees!





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