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Impact II

IMPACT II recognized and rewarded teachers through grants and networking opportunities.

  • Recognized outstanding teachers
  • Connected outstanding teachers
  • Improved classroom instruction
  • Disseminated good ideas
  • Improved diverse sites
  • Kept good teachers in teaching
  • Provided lasting effects

As a professional community of teachers and educators working together to improve student achievement. IMPACT II worked because it connected teachers; providing a strong, supportive, network and a vast supply of innovative resources.

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Please scroll down to see material created since 2000.

IMPACT II NYC 2003-2004

Lisa Aldrich  & Amy Gomes Cruising through the City-A Beginner's Guide!
Alexandra Atkin Project Planet
Veronica Barkley Symmetrical Butterfly Project
Cheryl Ann Beharry Help Save A Life
Camille Blake & Stephanie Pavelka Authors Alive-Students' Twist on Famous Authors' Works
Teresa Caliari-Olya Attraction in Action
Lourdes Cintron It's a Bird! It's a Plane! No, it's a Parachute!
Denise Goldman Understanding Julius Caesar through Diaries
Jodi Greenberg Twist and Bake Pretzel Shop
Nakia Haskins Voyage to India
Molly Horne African Safari
Joan Kane Landmark Puppets
Chantal Lindh A Peace Forest Grows In Manhattan
Marlene McGarrity Digital Portfolios
Donna Rose McNamara A is for Aviator
Doris Meyer Celebrating American Folk Heroes and Heroines
Susan Naclerio City Sites
Roza Ng Broadway Bound Books
Aurora Olivieri Schoolyard Trees and Me!
Lori Rosenthal Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Clemencia Saleeby Our Beautiful Rain Forests
Su Ellen Silverman Environmental Science for High School Juniors and Seniors
Joseph Sweeney Discovering Math, Science, and Technology through Skeletons
Allison Witty Entrepreneurship and Everyday Technology/Who Wants to Be a Zillionaire

IMPACT II NYC 2002-2003

Susan Bellack Project Friend
Molly Buck  Shakespeare Forever
Nydia Bernacet A Journey Through Biomes
Meelai Chow Exploring How Native Americans Lived in Harmony with Nature
Allyson Daley Exploring The Park
Marianne DeRosa A Millennium Commemorative-100 People 1000 Years
Marianne Gavin Ninos Restaurant 9/11 Fund: A Presentation
Marla Gessner-Schneider Native American Interactive Slide Show
Judith Golden & Catherine Dede Art Through The Ages
Steven Jaffe Field Guide To Some of New York City Birds
Sam Laury  The Stock Market Project at Fannie Lou Hamer H.S.
Candice Lowe Jewel of the Nile
Ada Marcus Amazing Alaskan Animals
Wendy Marks Learning to Write Poetry
Meryl Meisler  Our Views of Edo
Michelle Menkes  The Apples of My Eyes
Kevin Mialky  Poetry of the Universe
Nikoleta Moulinos  Colorful Family Memories
Catherine OSullivan  Ancient Empires
Terri Olivieri  Brooklyn: Our Beloved Borough
Karen Olszewski  Seeds of Learning
Ouriana Pantazatos  Who Belongs Here? The Immigration Experience
Suzy Poon A World of Hope and Peace
Lisa Radford  Let There Be Peace on Earth and Let it Begin With Me
Pamela Saturday Recycle for Life
Amy Schlamkowitz Under the Sea
Hilary Sedewitch  The ABCs of Math
Sharon Shebar  Quilting The Curriculum

IMPACT II NYC 2001-2002  

Jodi Abrams                             Calendar Creations
Doris Abraskin             Math and Literature Connection
Loula Allain                            A Scientific Slide Show

Zina Burton-Myrick   

Turning the T.I.D.E.
Teresa Caliari Lets Get Crabby
Colleen Cruz & Ilana Dogim Plymouth ColonyBeyond the Turkey

Dina Galanti      

Project Greeting Card
Pamela Gillman-Levit                Architecture Has Made Us Great
Florann Greenberg                    Lets Go Shopping
Frances Hidalgo                       Coming to America
Sheldon Jonas                          In the Trenches

Judith Korn              

Art History/Painting
Katarina Kupfer                       E Pluribus Unum
Lori Langsner                           Art of the Orient:  Chinese Scroll Painting
Karina Maceczek                     Just So Stories
Carol Mangra                           Foods that Grow Underground

Patricia Missick                    

Self-Expression Through Poetry
Dyana OBrien             The White House Project
Angela ODowd                       Museum in the Classroom
Marion Peluso                          An Exploration of Africa
Deborah Perri                           Gardening With Science and Technology

Paula Press      

The Nutcracker:  An Integrated Curriculum
Sally Puma                               Our Family Quilt
Anthony Scimeca III                 Where Will Class 102 Be in 2019?
Clifford Singer              Math and Science in the Art Classroom
Joe Sweeney                            Blasting Off With Math, Science, and Technology
Maria Venier                            Linking the Past and Present
Julie Vitulano                            The Plays the Thing

IMPACT II NYC 2000-2001

Mary M. Ahern Fishing for Math, Science, and Social Studies 
Gloria Block Ben and Us:  Sparking the Standards 
Mary Clancy Who's Who in Black History 
Janice Dalton The Mystery Powders
Sandy Del Duca A Herculean Task
Helene Espinoza Story Quilting
Manette B. Gampel Earth Design 2000
Lori Hassin Timelines and Extinct Animals
Lisa Jimenez A Planting We Will Go/Grow
Karina Maceczek Knots on a Legend Rope
Andrea Menotti PowerPoint Poems
Catherine Donaruma-Canzoneri Out of This World
Matti Santagata Surveying Pre-Teen Tastes
Hilary Sedewitch Fun with Franklin
Lowell Shaw Computer Graphics:  An Introduction to Photoshop


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