Making E-Books in the Kindergarten Classroom

Making E-Books

How it works:

This project integrates electronic books that can be created with any presentation software, with kindergarten language arts and math standards.  Students produce e-books using themselves and their physical surroundings to demonstrate their mastery of content standards, such as number sense or color recognition.  They provide evidence of their mastery using a digital camera, props, and the presentation tool.


This unit has a simple assessment for kindergartners and a rubric for older students within the lessonsStandards:


Many technology and language arts standards are covered in this unit. Depending on your topic other standards can be addressed, such as math, social studies and science. Standards are listed within the unit.

What you need:

Estimated number of class periods: Four class periods per book.

Software or Materials Used:

The technology use for this project includes a digital camera, an Internet connection, Microsoft Power Point, Kid Pix, and Paint.


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The Students: 

This unit was done with kindergartners living in an agricultural area, but can be used/adapted to any type of student population (age, skill level, etc.)

Most of the lessons are done on a one-to-one basis.

Overall Value:

This unit allows students and the teacher to use their creativity at their fullest extent. It incorporates a basic computer program available to most people with the use of the digital camera and graphic programs. This unit is very versatile and can be adapted and/or expanded easily. The students can use their creativity and learn basic concepts at the same time.


Subject Area:


 Second Subject Area (if interdisciplinary):                                                 

Language Arts, math, science, social studies and art.

 Starting Grade Level: k

 Ending Grade Level: 8

Tips for the Teacher:

Be creative. There are many fun topics that can be "played with" making electronic books. 



Jessica Rivera has been a teacher in The Santa Maria-Bonita School District for thirteen years. Her experience includes teaching kindergarten through third grade. She recently completed her master's degree in Educational technology at Pepperdine University.