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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans
Meteorology - We're all Under (Air) Pressure!

Project URL:


How It Works:

Meteorology—We’re All Under (Air) Pressure! teaches fifth grade science students to gather information on air pressure using research from the World Wide Web. After researching on-line sites, the teacher has the students brainstorm the concept of "air pressure" for research topics. He/she then gathers materials from the students and directs students on how to create the barometer. Students are shown how the barometer can be used to forecast the weather and are taught about high- and low-pressure systems and what types of weather are associated with each one. Using their barometers, they forecast the weather and compare their findings with the on-line weather service forecast.

What You Need:

The program will take four class periods. The teacher will explore Web sites in advance for the students. Students will use the Internet to gather research and photographs of high- and low-pressure systems and of barometers. Students will learn to read an on-line weather map. Students will use Claris Works and Kid Pix to write reports and create pictures. They will also use Grolier's Multimedia Encyclopedia, Netscape Page Composer, Superprint and Encarta '99.


Students will produce a report of information (English language arts), create a barometer (psychomotor), write in scientific notation, and forecast the weather (prediction).

Overall Value:

To learn what a barometer is and how it is used to measure air pressure and forecast weather.


Make sure the Web sites are accurate and show students how to get specific information. Children should bring in all materials needed in advance so you are prepared to make the barometer. Children will love being weather forecasters!

Bonnie Glasgold teaches enrichment classes at PS101 in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn and is a TeachNet Project Mentor.

Email BMGLAS@aol.com

Estimated Class Periods To Complete: 10 or more
Subject: Science
Subject 2: Social Studies
Beginning Grade Level: 5
Ending Grade Level: 5


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