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TeachNet NYC: Lesson Plans

The Fascinating Moon Walk

Purpose of the Project

To stimulate curiosity about space exploration on the moon. Students will use the Internet to research the astronauts' moon landing in 1969.

Teacher Steps To Prepare

  1. Select books about the Moon Walk and related topics for students.
  2. For background information read independently about the 1969 Moon Walk.
  3. Select software appropriate for research and time-management concerns.
  4. Become proficient in the use of multimedia encyclopedia and methods to access relevant information.
Student Activities

  1. Discuss what they know about the moon walk.
  2. Research information through multimedia encyclopedias, Internet, and books.
  3. Organize material, summarize it, and write a written report.
  4. Type reports on a computer.
  5. Share reports with classmates.
Assessment Methods

  1. Grading of the written report.
  2. Group discussions.
Standards Addressed by This Unit

Produce a report of information. Conduct research through use of various reference materials.

Teacher Technology Skills Required

Accessing the Internet; Using the word processor; Creating a database of questions; Previewing specific web sites from the Internet related to the moon landing in 1969

Student Technology Skills Required

Students will use the Internet and multimedia encyclopedias for research. Students will use different programs to create a database and semantic web.

Software Materials Used

Multimedia encyclopedias, Internet access, books, Apple Works, KidPics, Superprint

Related Links

Space Science and Engineering Center


Stimulate students by asking if non-fiction is exciting? Select non-fiction books and stir excitement.

Anecdote: Students who thought that reading non-fiction would not be as interesting as fiction quickly change their minds when they read materials about the 1969 Moon Walk.

Frances Carroll is a librarian at P.S. 101 in Brooklyn, New York


Estimated Class Periods To Complete: 10 or more

Subjects: Science, English

Beginning Grade Level: 5

Ending Grade Level: 5

Title: The Fascinating Moon Walk


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