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1984, by George Orwell: Fact or Fantasy?
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1984 & Nazi Germany v1

1984 & Nazi Germany v2

1984 & Nazi Germany v3

1984 & Nazi Germany v4

1984 & Nazi Germany v5

1984 & Stalin's USSR
1984 & Afganistan
  • Can you compare 1984 by George Orwell to the totalitarian government of any country, past or present?

I read the book 1984 in my English class. I read the book when I first start read the book I was bored because I really don't understand what is this book all about. Then I kept reading the book and I enjoyed very much because I never read a book about human right and I am very thank full to my English teacher Ms Maslow that she gave us this book and gave us an opportunity to learn something from this book.

I am comparing this book 1984 by George Owell to the country Afghanistan. I am comparing this book to Afghanistan because the situation is going on in Afghanistan right know its very unbelievable. People don't have any human rights they are no independent that was happened in the book called 1984. People are killing each other and women must cover their face and hand. Men's are beating the women and killing the women. They don't have any human right men's must have bear and mustard.

In the book 1984 that happened with a man name Winston and many other people. They don't have nay right to do anything. They don't have any freedom. He doesn't have any thing to eat he only eats bread and drink water. When I red this book I was really surprised because I my high school year I didn't read any book about human life but never read it.

In this book 1984 has three books is one. In this three book George owell who is the author of the book explained different kind of lives. The happenings in know in Afghanistan had same happened in this book. People have to have human right in order to have a good life. I like this book very much.

In Afghanistan the happening is the children are dieing because their parents can't provided food because their parents have no job and a lots of people in Afghanistan right know facing this problem. Some one's father, Mother, Son, Daughter are dieing because of no food. I was kind of scared when I start reading the book 1984 because of the Winston life. In Afghanistan there is not a lot of population there I a lot of desert. In Afghanistan people can't do what ever they want they have to obey what their government say's.

In conclusion as we can see we have to thanks god that we are in an independent country where we can eat well wear well and live well. The big thing is we can do whatever we want to. I am a really thanks full to my English teacher Ms Maslow who gave us an opportunity to read and learn something from this book.





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