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1984, by George Orwell: Fact or Fantasy?
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1984 & Nazi Germany v1

1984 & Nazi Germany v2

1984 & Nazi Germany v3

1984 & Nazi Germany v4

1984 & Nazi Germany v5

1984 & Stalin's USSR
1984 & Afganistan


                            After reading the book on "George Orwell 1984" I saw that there was a big similarity

between the town of Oceiana and Nazi Germany. Both types of government are similar in the

ways that they treat people. They treat people like they are not humans and have no rights.

Nazism is the term used to describe the nationalistic, anti- Communist, and anti- Semitic

Doctrines and policies of Adolf Hitler’s and Nazi Germany. Both types of government are similar 

because in 1984 they used to kill people and treat them like they have no respect for humanity. In

Nazi Germany they also kill people based on their race and culture. The Nazi’s ruled Germany from

1933 to 1945 when Germany surrendered and admitted defeat in their war of aggression which had

started World War 2. The nazi party had been outlawed ever since that time. So therefore this is the

same when Oceiana was at war. Many German’s were killed at the concentration camps just like in

the book 1984. In the book as well as in Germany there were no rights or rules like there are in the

United States. In the United States we have a Bill of Rights stating what our rights are but in those 

countries there are no rights. In Germany and in 1984 there is what you call a totalitarian type of

government whereas the United

States have a government called a democracy. In Germany many young children had to work at

young ages and did not know how to read or write. The people in Oceiana also did not get to read

books because they were taken away because the figured that people would become too smart and

try to overthrow the government . In Germany it was almost the same way for the adults but about

the children also. The only difference was that the people in Germany had their books burned

nstead of taken away. They were not allowed to have books. Humans in both of these countries

were treated as slaves instead of humans. The government made it seem like no one had a life. I

believe this because every human should be able to read because if you want to treat them like

slaves, then they have to be able to understand what you want them to do. If they cant read then

they won’t be able to interpret what you want them to do.


                    In Oceiana there were a lot of things going on such as corruption and confusion.

There was too much violence and aggravation going on all at once. In Nazi Germany all of this is

also Happening. Adolf Hitler was the cause of that. In Oceiana the people were not happy because

they had few Rights.


                   So you can see the similarities between the book "George Orwell 1984" and Nazi

Germany. Both of these countries or places have the same type of government and the same kind of

living. They all Live cruel and boring lives.





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