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1984, by George Orwell: Fact or Fantasy?
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1984 & Nazi Germany v1

1984 & Nazi Germany v2

1984 & Nazi Germany v3

1984 & Nazi Germany v4

1984 & Nazi Germany v5

1984 & Stalin's USSR
1984 & Afganistan

In 1984 by George Orwell and Germany there are many similarities. In 1984
Winston Smith the main character hates the party because they have total
control over everything. In Germany they had a leader name adolf Hitler
who was a fierce dictator. He controlled everything people did whatever he
wanted them to do. In 1984 the party goals were embodied in big brother(
the name of Oceania party). Party members had poster put up in places . The
poster said" big brother is watching you". This means that whatever the
people are doing that big brother is seeing them. In Oceania where Winston
lives people are not allowed to hate big brother, write diaries, have sex,and
fall in love. They are told what to say and what to believe. People's children
are taught to be spies. If they see there parents saying anything wrong about
big brother they tell the though police. Citizens in Oceania can not write
books only party members are allowed to. 

The party has three slogans that the people have to follow or believe. The slogans are "freedom is slavery"," War is peace", Ignorance is strength". The party is based upon
these three slogans and people have to believe it if they don't that are put in
to the ministry of love. The ministry of love is like a jail were though
criminals are being put to believe. They are put to forget the past and look
to the future. Like O'Brien said "who controls the past controls the future,
who controls the present controls the past". Citizens are dehumanized and
alienated because there own kids are taught to spy on them and they are
being put to jail for though crimes. In Germany Adolf Hitler had the same
type of government like 1984. He had total control over everyone.
whatever he said they believed. Hitler had many people killed because of
there religion such as Jews. the Jews were alienated because they had there
own religion. Hitler had the Jews put into concentration camps. He had them
put to death if they didn't do what he wanted them to do. the people had no
freedom of speech or right to choose there leader. Like 1984 they couldn't
say what they wanted. Hitler was a leader the manipulated people with his
promises to them. His language of having a strong government was all the
people wanted for when they go to war. 

The Nazi Propaganda Ministry, directed by Dr. Joseph Goebbels, took control of all forms of communication in Germany: newspapers, magazines, books, public
meetings, and rallies, art, music, movies, and radio. Viewpoints in any way
threatening to Nazi beliefs or to the regime were censored or eliminated
from all media. Schools also played an important role in spreading Nazi
ideas. While some books were removed from classrooms by censors, other
textbooks, newly written, were brought in to teach students blind obedience
to the party, love for Hitler, and anti-Semitism. After-school meetings of the
Hitler Youth and the League of German Girls trained children to be faithful
to the Nazi party. In school and out, young people celebrated such
occasions as Adolf Hitler's birthday and the anniversary of his taking
power. Like 1984 kid were taught to obey the party only and to respect

In conclusion 1984 and Nazi Germany are very similar because like
the Jews they were alienated and so were the people in Oceania. they were
also put to death for what they though about the party. The kids were taught
the same way to spy on the parents and to tell the though police if they had
said something wrong about that party. Both 1984 and nazi Germany had
leaders that had total control over everyone they were so powerful that
people believed anything they said. Even if something  never happened the party would
make you believe that something happened.




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