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1984, by George Orwell: Fact or Fantasy?
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1984 & Nazi Germany v1

1984 & Nazi Germany v2

1984 & Nazi Germany v3

1984 & Nazi Germany v4

1984 & Nazi Germany v5

1984 & Stalin's USSR
1984 & Afganistan
Human Rights Violations In A Period In History

 Human rights violations occurred through out a period of time and still occurs. Many people went through this especially when Adlof Hitler controlled Germany. 
Many people's lives were being controlled in many ways. People were even being hated just because of their nationality. Many were afraid to say were they were from now . One of those things being remember even now was the holocaust period.
    The holocaust was a period in time that deal with Nazis saying they were superior then the Jews. Jews were hated and was being vanished (killed).  Hitler was taking over Germany in a harshful way. Hitler didn't want Jews to exist. So he would put them in concentration camp, and they would even be killed by poisonous gas. While this was being done the Nazis would be watching this brutal act with gas mask.  Some people would dig a hole in the ground that later become their own grave since they were shot right there and then. Kids that were Jews were taken out of their school and kept hidden since their parents were protecting them from death. No Jews could exist. People feared for their life.  They would hide out and try to escape, but others wouldn't even help them. 

     Hitler took over peoples life and the government also. Hitler controlled every movement that went on. Whatever he said was done no questions asked. 
In the book 1984 of totalitarian future, the party tries to control everything, even thought and emotions.  Emanuel Goldstein, was an enemy of Oceania. Two socialistic countries Eastasia and Eurasia are at war with each other, corresponds to our history. Things that occurred would be erased like it never happened. Newspeak was a way that they would talk. As individual expression was forbidden by the Party, having a diary was a crime, which could even be punished with death. People could not even be with each in any special way. Their personal life was controlled. What ever Big Brother said was done. But the thing was that he didn't exist.  A man named Winston worked in The Ministry of Truth.  As soon as Winston had dealt with each of the messages, he clipped his speak written correction to the appropriate copy of the Times and pushed them into the pneumatic tube.  Then, with a movement which was as nearly as possible unconscious, he crumpled up the original message and any notes that he himself had made, and dropped them into the memory hole to be devoured by the flames.  It was created by a group who controls everything. Everything that happened a day before was erase like it never only what was occurring now existed.  "Don't you see that the whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought? In the end we shall make thoughtcrime literally impossible, because there will be no words in which to express it.  Every concept that can ever be needed will be expressed by exactly one word, with its meaning rigidly defined and all its subsidiary meanings rubbed out and forgotten.  Already, in the Eleventh Edition, we're not far from that point.  But the process will still be continuing long after you and I are dead.  Every year fewer and fewer words, and the range of consciousness always a little smaller.  Even now, of course, there's no reason or excuse for committing thoughtcrime.  It's merely a question of self-discipline, reality-control.  but in the end there won't be any need even for that .  The Revolution will be complete when the language is perfect.  Newspeak is Ingsoc and Ingsoc is Newspeak     If people didn't do what was said they would be punished or killed in other terms vanished with out a trace left behind, like if they were never borned. The party had a great deal of power which they controlled every movement of everything and everyone.

    The holocaust period is similar to the book 1984. Orwell draws a link to other totalitarian systems of our century, like Nazis. Emanuel Goldstein is considered like a Jew in the story. Nazis who had anti-Semitic ideas, and who used Jews as so called scapegoats, who were responsible for all bad things in the country.





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