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Miss Nelson Is Missing/Miss Nelson Is Back

Lesson 1

Lesson 2

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Lesson 5

Extension Activities


Miss Nelson Is Missing/Miss Nelson Is Back - Lesson 1



Objective:  Students will be able to:

* use simple strategies to determine meaning and increase vocabulary for reading including use of multiple meanings, synonyms, antonyms and word relations.

* read text and determine the main idea.

* identify relevant supporting details. 

* compare characters and recall details.


* Book:  Miss Nelson Is Missing by Harry Allard and James Marshall

             Miss Nelson Is Back by Harry Allard and James Marshall

* White piece of paper

* Computer with Internet and word processing

* Worksheet (Who Am I?)

* Worksheet (vocabulary)

* Worksheet (comparing characters/recalling details)

Vocabulary: shall, relieved, substitute, ringleaders, corny, nervous, plot, impersonating, misbehave, tottered, amused, demonstrated, consequences, behavior

Working with words: The teacher will introduce what a sentence is (put example on the board).  Students will do pg. 3 (Part A, B & C) in language book.  Students will go online to Student Fun and complete activities on punctuation.

Activity: The teacher will...

1. discuss new grade and school year.

2. play "ball toss" to tell about yourself.  Intro/model student questionnaire (Who Am I?) and each student will complete one. (print out the worksheet)

3. begin lesson by activating prior knowledge by having the students answer the following question in their journal: What would happen if you misbehave in class? (5 minutes)

    *  Students can begin and maintain a computer-generated journal for this unit;  entries can be saved to the hard drive and student disk.

4. choose 2 - 3 students to read their journal aloud.

5. explain to the class that they will be reading a book about a class that misbehaves and the consequences that will happen.

6. introduce vocabulary words and definitions.

7. give each student a white piece of paper, and have them fold it into seven pieces (model). (students can also use word processing and create a table with two columns and seven rows as their boxes; then type, add clip art and graphics)

8. have students write each vocabulary word, definition and illustration in each box.

9. have students write prediction of the story based on title and the front cover.

10. read and ask questions as you read. (Miss Nelson Is Missing)

11. discuss the main characters (Miss Nelson, Miss Viola Swamp) and brainstorm adjectives for each.

12. have the students go online to The Dictionary Plus to find synonyms and antonyms for their vocabulary words.

13. have the students go online to do a vocabulary activity, print out the worksheet and complete it.

14. if time permits, put the students in groups and have them make a list of advantages and disadvantages of having Miss Nelson vs. Miss Viola Swamp as a teacher - have the students share their list with the class.

Evaluation: The students will do a personality panorama with the main characters (see example), do a worksheet (comparing characters/recalling details) and answer the following questions:

Miss Nelson

Miss Viola Swamp

blond hair

sweet voice


black hair

wear ugly clothes


                    ***Students can add to the personality panorama as you read.***

* Why did Miss Nelson go away?

* How did the kids try to find her?

* List three things the kids thought might have happened to Miss Nelson?

* Why do you think Detective McSmogg won't be able to find Miss Nelson?

* What will the kids do to make sure Miss Nelson doesn't leave again?

* List five words that describe the children in Miss Nelson's class before Miss Swamp came.  Then list five words that describe how they were after Miss Nelson returned.

* Do you think Miss Nelson would rather be a nice teacher or a mean teacher.  Explain your answer.

* What do you think was the worst thing about Miss Viola Swamp being the teacher.

Home Learning:

* Students will use word processor to type their vocabulary words in 3x's each in ABC order.

* Students will go online to Discovery Kids to create a crossword puzzle with their vocabulary words.

* Students will go online to do a comprehension activity, print out the worksheet and complete it.



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