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Bon Appétit: Cooking Crepes in French Class
Home Lesson 1
Introduction Web Quest
Lesson 2
Exploring the world of French Cuisine

Lesson 3
Le Couvert et Manger- Learn how to set the table and eat

Lesson 4
Preparer et Manger un dessert francais
Lesson 5
Les Crepes
Lesson 6
Setting guidelines for PowerPoint presentation
Oral Dialogue Presentation
PowerPoint Presentations

Lesson #3 Learning How to Set the Table and Eat

3-4 classes

Prior knowledge of search engines and Microsoft Word

Aim: Le Couvert et Manger- Learn how to set the table and eat

Do Now: Copy vocabulary for Le couvert

l'assiette (plate)le bol (bowl)le couteau (knife) la cuillére (spoon)la fourchette (fork)la serviette (napkin) la soucoupe (saucer)la tasse (cup)le verre (glass)


When students complete and have repeated and understood meanings, use handout and have them label each item http://enchantedlearning.com/language/french/label/placesetting/

Internet activity: By using a search engine to locate images:


www.google.com (images)

www.altavista.com (images)

Have students create their own design of Le couvert- The table setting by using the internet to look for pictures and the copy and paste function in Microsoft Word, to insert the picture. Each student will be able to create a personalized place setting with each item labeled in FRENCH. The project will then be printed, and laminated so as to create a French placemat to be used later in the unit!!


Now that we know how to order food politely, and set a table, we are ready to prepare and to eat.

Infinitif form - Manger= to eat Préparer= to prepare

Conjugate the verb- students should create a verb chart to place on the Verb Wall

  • Je mange Je prépare
  • Tu manges Tu prépares
  • Il mange Il prépare
  • Elle mange Elle prépare
  • Nous mangons Nous préparons
  • Vous mangez Vous préparez
  • Ils mangent Ils préparent
  • Elles mangent Elles préparent

Make sure students have good comprehension of how to say:

  • I eat and I prepare.
  • Go through a line of oral questioning about how to use each verb in a sentence:

The following are some English sentences that I would have written on the board

  1. I eat a sandwich.
  2. We prepare dinner.
  3. The group of girls eats apples.
  4. He prepares the hamburger.
  5. You (formal) eat a salad.
  6. The group of boys prepares the lemonade.

The students would then be asked to say each sentence in French.

In class, or Homework follow up activity

I have used the following worksheets to create a game for the class.





You can set the game up by using 2-4 teams depending on your class size

Materials needed: Pictures of food vocabulary that the students are familiar with that can be used with the verbs manger and preparer, Pictures that represent your vocabulary, Large index cards.

Each item is cut out and put on a piece of oak tag, or index card with a subject pronoun and a picture on it. For example, one game piece would have a picture of an apple on it labeled "pomme" and have the subject pronoun "Je" on it. The volunteer will come up the the front of the class, pick a random paper out of the bag, and have to use it in a French sentence--eiither saying to prepare or to eat something. You can also use these sheets as a homework assignment by printing them out and telling the students to write an appropriate sentence about each food item.

Here are some examples of our class game cards




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