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The Road Not Taken (Poetry)

Throughout life, we find ourselves faced with making many difficult 
choices.  It has been said that hindsight is 20/20.  This means that when 
you look back on a decision that you have made, it is very easy to decide 
whether it was the right choice or not.  The choices we make can have 
positive and negative consequences, so it is important to choose wisely.  
When presented with two options, how do you decide which action to take?  Do 
you ever regret taking a particular action?    

In "The Road Not Taken," the poet Robert Frost explores the topic of 
choices.  Two roads stretch out in front of him, and he must decide which 
path to take.  Think about the choices that Tony and Joel make in On My 

After you have read Frost's poem and viewed the advertisements and 
television commercial, write a poem about the choices that Joel and Tony 
make throughout the day.  Frost uses the metaphor of two separate roads to 
illustrate the choices he must make.  Perhaps you can come up with your own 
metaphor for the choices that we make in life.  

A PowerPoint presentation that illustrates each scene from the poem, as well 
as a link to Robert Frost reading the poem, are available under the "Media" 
Text of The Road Not Taken

Robert Frost's famous poem has been quoted in a number of advertisements and 
commercials.  Click below to view these ads!
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Monster.com Superbowl Commercial - 2000


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