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About the Teachers

Mrs. Tracey Butler is a veteran sixth grade language arts teacher at 
Arlington Middle School. She loves being a part of the educational process.  
As a child she dreamed of being a teacher and to support that dream, her 
parents built and furnished a schoolroom for her in the garage.  Although 
her students are no longer dolls and teddy bears, she still arrives to the 
classroom with the same enthusiasm and passion.  She has dedicated her life 
to helping students realize their dreams. Her commitment is evident in the 
after school programs she has developed and the extracurricular activities 
she has designed.  Recently she overheard a student saying he wished a 
character he was reading about was a real person, and her peals of joy could 
be heard in the hallway.

Ms. Claire Casaccio is first year 5th grade Academic Intervention Services 
teacher at PS 384 in Brooklyn.  Her training in English has enabled her to 
meet the needs of struggling readers by presenting them with a variety of 
creative and engaging activities to supplement the literature.  She is 
dedicated to showing all students how applicable literature is to their own 
lives and to instilling a sense of confidence and the desire to succeed 
within all.  She is always anxious to find innovative ways to approach the 
study of literature.

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