On My Honor

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      This unit is centered on the reading of Marion Dane Bauer's Newbery award winning novel On My Honor.  Through participation in a variety of engaging learning activities, students arrive at a better understanding of the novel and its themes as a result of the relationship that is established between the reader and the text.  The novel discusses a variety of issues relevant to the lives of the students, such as friendship, peer pressure, parental relationships, choices, and losing a loved one.  To promote an appreciation for literature within students, it is imperative that these themes be explored through expanding activities.  The products of the tasks are varied to ensure that the creative talents, skills, and cognitive abilities of ALL students are addressed.  Students may choose from a list of activities ranging from acting out a scene to writing an obituary for a character in the novel.     

      The Internet plays an integral role in the creation and success of this unit, as the myriad resources available permit the teacher to supplement the literature with real life connections.  The majority of the proposed tasks direct students to utilize the Internet as a source of information.  While conducting research, students learn valuable skills such as how to navigate the Internet, use search engines, summarize information, take notes, and paraphrase.  All learning activities are accompanied by group discussions through which students apply the plot and themes of On My Honor to the audio, video, or reading acquired via the Internet.  Additionally, technology such as digital cameras permits students to observe themselves and reflect on the product they have created.  

The unit was designed for an average skills sixth grade Language Arts class and engages students in in-depth discussions about topics relevant to their own lives, particularly the difficulty when making choices.  The time frame for this unit is approximately four weeks.

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