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Lights, Camera, Action!

 Guidelines for a Tableau

    1.  In groups of 2 or 3, select a scene you wish to present to the class.

    2.  Consider the charactersí words, actions, and thoughts during this particular moment in the novel.  The goal is for you to place yourself in the text and assume the thoughts, feelings, and traits of the character you have chosen. 

         Helpful Hint:  Reread the passage that contains the scene you will perform so that you are familiar with this moment as it is conveyed by the author.

    3.  Talk with your group members to decide how you will stage the scene.  Who will stand where?  How do the characters move? (Example:  slowly, with their heads down, running?)

    4.  Think about the dialogue in the chapter.  Your scene should incorporate some dialogue from the text, but you should also use your own words to speak from the point of view of the character.  What else would the character say? 

         What is the character thinking at this particular moment?  Use what you know about the character to determine what you will say.

    5.  Once you have prepared the scene, decide on a frozen position that your group will assume at the opening of the scene.  This position should set the stage for the rest of the scene. 

    6.  When I tap you, begin speaking in character.  When you are finished, return to your frozen position.  I will then tap someone else who will begin speaking.  After I have tapped each group member once, and each character has had an opportunity to speak, you may take the scene wherever you wish

and anyone may speak.  Refer to the grading rubric for the categories your classmates will be grading you on.




Prepare to be a critic!!  I will be videotaping you while you are performing.  I will upload these performances to the computer so that we can view each performance again.  You classmates will then evaluate you on the basis of five categories: Scene Selection, Frozen Position, Word Selection, Believability, and Overall Performance.   




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