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Vermillion River

Research the Vermillion River.  
Look for information such as: 
 ~ the history behind the river
 ~ interesting facts about the river
 ~ the types of activities the river is used for
 ~ if anyone has ever drowned in the river
 ~ what the water is like
 ~ the river levels

Then, you will use this information to make a poster warning swimmers to 
stay out of the river!  Your poster should contain a mixture of both 
information and pictures.  You may draw pictures or print images off of the 

Remember the definition of safety:  
Safety involves being careful in order to prevent an accident or risk that 
could cause harm or injury. Acting responsibly in dangerous situations can 
sometimes save a life. For example, every family should have a plan for 
escaping their house in case of a fire. Other preparation involves safety 
equipment such as using a safety device on a gun, wearing a life preserver 
when boating, or wearing a seat belt in a car. 
Safety should be considered whenever starting a new activity. For example, 
when learning to ride a bike, use a skateboard, or paddle a canoe, you 
should learn the proper safe techniques. 
Prevention is an important element of safety. For instance, many fires can 
be prevented by following some simple guidelines such as not leaving burning 
candles unattended.
Some helpful websites:




Try this cool warning label generator!




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