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TeachNet Grant Winners
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TeachNet Grant Winners
Adaptor Grant Winners
TeachNet Grant Winners
Adaptor Grant Winners
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Teachers Network: Teacher Grants
Congratulations to Our Winter 2010 Grant Winners
TeachNet Grants are awareded to public school teachers across New York City who demonstrate effective technology integration through an original piece of curriculum that has been classroom-tested. Another grant opportunity for NYC teachers will be available this spring; please read our FAQ page for more information on the TeachNet Grant. Questions or comments may be directed to teachnetnyc@gmail.com.
Mary Kate Blakeman Amazing Asia
    Tourism in South America
Allison Chase Travel By Design Brochure Creation

Keith Christiansen

Mastering Print Literacy through Film and Media Literacy

Kristin Cilento

Life Sized New York City Landmarks

Rosalie Cooper

Mother Goose Meets Project Wisdom Through Pod Casting

Belinda David

Fashion Recycles (Expressing Global Environmental Awareness Through Fashion Design)

Sarah-Bess Dworin

College Research Skills: Evaluating Reliable Online Sources

Lisa Ferranti

The Art of Designing a Logo

Renny Fong

Project RAID (Researching Animals In Danger)
    To Game or Not to Game?

Rona Forman

TeachNet Grant: Using Mixbooks in the Elementary Classroom

Christopher Gill

Lincoln's Legacy - Then and Now

Joshua Gottesmann

Online Cookbook

Jeffrey Gross

Math Matters

Stacy Grossbard

Read With Mrs.G.
Iulian Irimina Young Designers Build the Web: Creating a Custom Digital Portfolio

Anne Kornfeld

Creating Multimedia Reviews with Glogster
    Getting Organized with Google Applications

Kevin Jackson

A Trip to a Plate Boundary!

Joaquin Lorenzo & Keri Rodgers

Learning How We Learn

Meryl Meisler

Running Water

Rosario Miano

Digitizing Our 21st Century Identity

Michael Nappi

NYC From A to Z

Rose Pacifico

Classroom Hydroponics

Brent Sackris

Life and Death of a Star Videocasts
    Creating an online Graphic Story
Catherine Schwenkler Curating an Online Museum: Digital Technology, Writing Skills, and Collaboration

Nancy Vido

A Perfect Pet? A Research Based Project for Early Childhood Students

Bruce Wilson

Pandas, Flamingos and Blogs

Congratulations to Our Spring 2009 Grant Winners
Thank you for an overwhelming response to our latest grant opportunity. Grants were awarded to public school teachers across New York City who demonstrated effective technology integration across the curriculum, with a special emphasis on early childhood and environmental projects. Questions or comments may be directed to teachnetnyc@gmail.com. Thank you for your interest in TeachNet.
Cathy Argyros, Jackie DePietro, & Minda Kauffman: How Geography Influenced the Development of the Western Hemisphere
Pamela AuCoin: Roaming Rome
Pamela AuCoin: Simulating World War I
Janice Bruce: It's Not Easy Being Green!
Nancy Costa: Animating Aesop's Fables
Belinda David: Researching Your Fashion Design Portfolio
Michael Dodes: Are You Presentable?
Renny Fong: A Digital Family Tree Trip Through Time
Christopher Gill: Slave Journals
Joshua Gottesmann: Weather Report: Lessons in New Media and Social Networking
Elizabeth Greenwood: City Of Immigrants: Immigration to New York City
Jeffrey Gross: Lions and Tigers and Bears - Oh My!
Kim Hengen: Exploring World Religions through Social Networking
Iulian Irimina: Unlock Your Talent, Become a Movie Producer
Kevin Jackson: Vlogging in Chemistry
Alex Jacoby: Math B Regents Review Wiki
Constance Kelly: Digital Poetry
Anne Kornfield: Five Frames: Digital Storytelling with Stills
Anne Kornfield: Get Organized with Google Applications
Victoria Lowe: Writing Poetry in Middle School
Rosario Miano: Virtual Book Club
Yvon Milien: Design and Model Residential Community
Meryl Meisler: Plants Talk Back!
Meryl Meisler: Preparing for Disaster
Michael Nappi: If you like it so much why don't you blog about it?i
Andrew Ravin: WikiJournalism
Jennifer Rygalski: Google Docs, Jing & Peer Revisions
Brent Sackris: Creating an Online Graphic Story
Brent Sackris: Life and Death of a Star Videocasts
Phillip Seymour: Deconstructing Sexual Harrassment
Matthew Valia: Hands-on Digital Storytelling with Students
Matthew Valia: Photoshop Figurative Language!
Justin Wedes: From Photoshop to Web Gallery
Thomas Wierzbowski: Making Sense of Text

Spring 2008 Grant Winners
TeachNet Disseminator Grant Winners
TeachNet Gotham Gazette Grant Winners

Laura Berson
Clayon Cameron
Rosalie Cooper
Kristin Crowley
Beth Elstein
Christopher Gill
Steven Hackbarth
Marisa Laks
Lori Langsner & Christine Poser

Eric Lincoln
Annette Lopez
Meryl Meisler
Rosario Miano
Doris Meyer
Rose Pacifico
Pamela Salmon
Anthony Sinacore
Bruce Wilson

Chandrasekhar Anumapuram
Christopher Gill


Winter 2008 Grant Winners
TeachNet Disseminator Grant Winners
TeachNet Gotham Gazette Grant Winners
Chandrasekhar Anumapuram
Tom Burke
Rosalie Cooper
Evangelia Dounis
Jamie Fidler
Antonesha Harris
Lori Langsner
Meryl Meisler
Rosario Miano
Helena Miller
Eva Morris
Tara Redican
Phillip Seymour
Diane Weisen
Minuati Dave
Amy Matthussen
Rosario Miano
Lindsay Oakes

Spring 2007 Grant Winners
TeachNet Disseminator
Grant Winners
Power to Learn
Grant Winners
Gotham Gazette
Grant Winners
Chandrasekhar Anumapuram
Meredith Broderick
Kristin Crowley
Eva Egolf
Alison Garfield
Alexandra Gertner &
Pat Sutherland-Cohen

Morgan Hall
Annette Lopez
Larry Kapuvari
Meryl Meisler
Eva Morris
Jodie Newbery
John Pettorino
Tara Redican
Shanan Rosengarten
Andy Szeto
Irene Velazquez
Bruce Wilson
Joseph Zwerling

Carol Aitken
Krista Albrecht
Kristin Baker 
Tracey Butler &
Claire Casaccio

Mike Frerichs
Karen Kliegman
Mary Kohmuench
Nicole Luongo
Brian McCarty
Meryl Meisler
Cherie Reid
Julie Reksc
Tara Sottnik
Christine Southard & Lisa Parisi
Stacey Tarbell  

Lauren Davenport
Jamie Fidler
Marisa Laks
Rosario Miano
Lindsay Oakes



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