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Photo I

And for the talent portion of the competition, the winner dazzled the crowd by folding herself into this handy dandy handbag!









Photo II

...for those hard to reach fragrance pulse points...

"People in charge of their own lives typically stand up straight, alert and ready to meet the world. In contrast, the bending of the body conveys unpreparedness and submissiveness (Goffman, 1976). "






Photo III
Quit Playing Barbie

"The perfect female is not human; she is a shell representing a female form. Her only attribute is attractiveness, every other characteristic would detract and has therefore been erased. Women are held to this standard and are bombarded with shaming messages that remind them that they will not succeed, be loved, secure or happy unless they conform to the shell identity, which is flawless appearance. The response evoked is guilt, fear and shame."


Photo IV

The Advertising Director was fired after this ad for Gucci Hats missed the mark.

"Dismemberment or body-chopping in ads occurs more frequently for women than men. Women's bodies without heads, faces or feet lead us to believe that all that truly matters about woman lies between her neck and her knees (Cortese, 1999)."




Want to learn more?


7. In your opinion what is the over all message about women in all of these advertisements?

8. Do you find any of these images offensive? Please explain your answer.

9. Many of the photographs above have nothing to do with the product they are supposed to be selling. Pick one of them and come up with an idea for a photo that might actually go with the product.

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