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Stereotypical images of women in media are especially common. These unrealistic images of women are creating damaging effects on our society.

Body image for women is becoming an increasingly common problem. Women are going to extreme lengths in order to meet the stereotypes being disseminated in the media.

According to the Center for Media Literacy, "Beauty is something that come from without; more than one million dollars is spent every hour on cosmetics. Desperate to conform to an ideal and impossible standard many women go to great lengths to manipulate and change their faces and bodies. A woman is conditioned to view her face as a mask and her body as an object, as things separate from more important than her real self, constantly in need of alteration, improvement, and disguise." (Learn More)

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5. List five things that you think women might do, because they feel pressure to be like the images being used in advertising.

6. What do you think? Are the images of the models above unethical? Do they truly portray a realistic view of women?

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