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Advertisers often use stereotypical images in their advertisements that create damaging ideals for our society.

We are often categorized into specific stereotypes through images in advertisements. Some of the categories most often used are, rich, poor, sexy, ugly, old, young, fit, and fat. The value of the individual is being compromised by the stereotypes being promoted. Often people succumb to the stereotypes being presented to them and they begin to feel insecure.

When an individual starts accepting the stereotypes being portrayed in advertising they become insecure. Advertisers use this insecurity in promoting their products. The individual will fill that void of being insecure by using the advertisers product.

The use of attractive models promoting an ideal body type make many women feel insecure. Often these images of women are radically beyond what most women can achieve and more than what most men can ever expect.


3. In your own words what is a stereotype and how might an advertiser use one to create a need for their product?

4. What stereotype does the above photo imply? How could this photo make some people feel insecure or not happy with themselves?

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