Audience and Pre-requisites
Who is my target audience for WHO   WHAT   HOW?
What do they need to know and be able to do to be prepared for this experience?
What do I need to know and be able to do to be prepared for this experience?

The “Who, What, How” curriculum is created for grades 9-12 in my Art class of pregnant and/or parenting teens. Most of my students are at-risk, low-income, and many are learning disabled. Many have experienced gaps in their education, and abilities are wildly arrayed. I expect many to experience challenges with an advanced vocabulary and to have had minimal technology experience.

This curriculum will target the student who, as a result of the aforementioned circumstances, comes to school with a “what do I need to do to get a ‘D’ so that I can get credit” attitude towards the educational experience.

Students will be expected to choose a career that requires, at minimum, 2 years of college training.

Students will be required to adapt to the fact I will push them and expect high quality work with no excuses.

I expect to devote as much as time as necessary to give everyone a chance to experience success.

I expect that many students will need basic technology training about how to type documents, cutting and pasting, how to conduct effective Internet research, how to cite sources, how to create a PowerPoint, how to work with digital imagery.

I expect that many students will need to develop research skills about how to conduct an in-depth project and how to manage and analyze information.

I will focus on vocabulary using CRI methodology and group activities such as role playing so that we can be talking the same language as we progress through the process.

I will utilize journaling and discussion as a means to enhance learning and discovery.