What materials will be necessary to implement WHO   WHAT   HOW?

Materials are divided by Log Supplies, Portrait, Technology, and Classroom

I will require students to create a log that becomes the repository of research, printouts, handouts, artwork, writing, rewriting, reflections, and self-evaluations that can be divided into 3 sections (WHO, WHAT, HOW.) This log will serve the purpose of being an example of how to manage a large research project while it simultaneously reflects the process. Students will have a hardcopy list of log assignments that they can check off as they complete them.

Flexibility is KEY, as discovery is rarely linear, and I would like students to have the chance to add things to different parts of the log as they see fit. Ideally, I see the need for a three ring binder. Sketchbooks would be nice, but so many pages would have to be glued into it, and it is not as flexible or capable of re-organizing as I prefer.

Log Supplies;

½” 3 ring binder

3-hole punch

Plastic page protectors as dividers

Watercolor and brushes

Color pencils


Collage glue or glue sticks

Color tissue paper

Pen and Ink



Assortment of papers: copy, color copy, cotton rag, and construction paper.


12 x 18 masonite


Acrylic paint and brushes

Palettes for mixing

Portrait handout with steps and proportions


Digital camera

Digital video camera

iMacs with iPhoto and iMovie

Software; Inspiration

PowerPoint and InFocus projector.

The Classroom

Students will work on their portrait 2-3 days a week.

Students will access Computer Lab 2 days a week

Students will manage Log one day every one or two weeks.

I would arrange my room for discussion (as close to a circular arrangement as possible.)

Objectives and Standards will be artfully displayed on the closet doors I have painted with Blackboard paint so I can use color chalk to reinforce key issues.

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