Description of Subject Matter
Welcome to Ms. Ehrich's HS Art website adventure: WHO   WHAT   HOW.

It will be the odyssey of YOU, WHO you are and what your care about.

This curriculum has been created for my High School Art class (mixed grades of 9-12.) I would love it if my students chose an art career to explore, but I believe that it is far more important that they have the chance to pick the career they are most enthusiastice about.

WHO; deals with the subject of identity and self. Students will use mind maps, question development, research, writing, poetry, and image generation to generate deep thinking about developing this sense of self.

WHAT; deals with career choice. Students will use mind-maps, reflections, and research and to find at least two careers they will research that requires a minimum of two years of college.

HOW; deals with choosing a college, understanding applications processes, FAFSA, costs, and requirements. Will include researching support systems and programs that assist students to succeed. Will address familial and social pressures and how to cope.