Instructional Plan
How will I implement the assignments and activities for

The Log

I will require students to create a log that becomes the repository of research, printouts, handouts, artwork, writing, rewriting, reflections, and self-evaluations that can be divided into 3 sections (WHO, WHAT, HOW.) This log will serve the purpose of being an example of how to manage a large research project while it simultaneously reflects the process. Students will have a hardcopy list of log assignments that they can check off as they complete them.

The Classroom

Students will work on their portrait 2-3 days a week.

Students will access Computer Lab 2 days a week

Students will manage Log one day every one or two weeks.

I would arrange my room for discussion (as close to a circular arrangement as possible.)

Objectives and Standards will be artfully displayed on the closet doors I have painted with Blackboard paint so I can use color chalk to reinforce key issues.

1. KWL personality vocabulary words with group work and role playing.

2.Online Myers Briggs “What is your Color” personality Quiz

3. Reflection journal/discussion about how well the quiz described them, and what it means to deal with your “opposite”

4. Digital image: manipulate with color pencils, water color, ongoing magazine collage as we progress through curriculum.

5. Online Skills assessment

6. Reflection journal/discussion about what it means when choosing a job, research methods one can use to develop weaknesses.

7. Find/Create symbols of power


1. Create a Mind-Map about your strengths and resources (refer to 4 C’s, Ms. Kavanaugh, and Malcolm X/Trio as givens) using color and image

2. Create a Mind-Map about your hopes and dreams using color and image

3. Research careers. Find at least 4 you are interested in, narrow down to 2 for research.

4. As a group, develop 20 questions you have about your career, such as training requirements, demand, hours, stability, money.

5. Online research answering research questions.


1. Pick 2 colleges; one community college and one elite college

2. In your group, develop 20 questions you have about going to college.

Share these questions with the whole class.

3. Research answers to these questions.

4. Fill out a college application that includes an essay

5. Address First-Generation college issues as a Webquest.

6. Determine your support options. Find at least 10 online options that determine who, where, why, for what, list and annotate

7. Find a Mentor

8. Turn "Service Learning" into opportunites that support your personal/career interests

9.”Messing with Your Mind” Look to the future to foresee challenges, and brainstorm solutions with your group.

10. Create a PowerPoint presentation (can be with a diad or triad) that highlights your important discoveries in each area.

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