Plans for Assessment and Evaluations
How will I and my students determine what they have learned and what they know how to do after working with WHO   WHAT   HOW?

Assessment would be continuous in the form of reflection writings, discussion, and ongoing one-on-one interactions. Periodically, students will be asked to do written self-assessments gauging their involvement, successes and challenges, what they have learned, and how they can apply this learning to their lives.

To evaluate the successes and challenging aspects of the curriculum, I will consider student input as the project progresses.

In the final analysis, I will ask students to share with me what they thought worked, what they believe needs improvement, and to write an essay titled “If I ruled the world, this is what I would have done.”

WHO WHAT HOW will culminate in a final debriefing discussion, ideally with pizza and snacks involved.

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