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How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom

Corresponding Pages to the CD-rom: How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom

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Everybody is struggling with the newest literacy-technology and how to use it. Whether you are a classroom teacher faced with integrating new media for the first time, or a staff developer charged with bringing others on board, How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom will be an invaluable resource. What better way to enhance your skills than by learning from experienced, net-savvy teachers. These teachers will steer you away from potential pitfalls so you and your students get the most out of technology.

Twenty-eight teachers in our network contributed to this publication, and all are eager for you to benefit from their expertise and experience. They span a wide geographic region-from Peru to California to Maine-and offer a variety of perspectives on teaching with the Internet. They offer their own classroom materials, lesson plans, web sites, and words of wisdom to assist you. Interviews with renowned experts in the field address key challenges educators face as they open their schools, and their classrooms, to online teaching and learning.

How to Use the Internet in Your Classroom is actually much bigger than this book. We have a great deal of resources available on our web site, and we'll take you right there. We put all supplementary materials-and there are lots of them!-on our site to keep links fresh. We will update them frequently. Every time you see the apple symbol, log on to
www.teachersnetwork.org and you will find additional resources, templates, and examples to supplement this guide.

We all know how motivating new media has been for kids. We promise you too will be motivated when you learn the ways in which creative teachers are using the Internet in the classroom, and how easy it is to get started. See you online!

Table of Contents * Internet component of the book
Chapter 1  How to Manage the New Media Classroom
    *AUP (acceptable use policy)

Getting Started and Starting Small, Janice Gordon
Chapter 2 
How to Use E-Mail for Online Collaboration

Networking Possibilities and Challenges, Ed Gragert
Chapter 3  How to Teach the Art and Science of Conducting Research Online

Travis Olson's Guide to Becoming Comfortable with Technological Tools
Chapter 4  How to Teach to Diverse Learning Styles
Chapter 5 
How to Design WebQuests

How I Created a Monster (Web site, that is!), Carl Sannito
Chapter 6  How to Escort Your Students on a Virtual Field Trip
Chapter 7  How to Produce the Virtual Textbook K-12
   *Chemistry Resources
   *Computer Enhanced English   
   *Electronic Alphabet Books

Chapter 8 
How to Assess Student Work in the New Media Classroom

Evaluating Web Sites, Kathy Schrock
Chapter 9  How to Create a Grant-Winning Proposal

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