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Assessment in the New Media Classroom
By Julie Vitulano, Web Mentor

The Internet is an invaluable aid for finding and designing your own rubrics and finding ideas and resources for assessing technology work. There are many sites that offer downloadable templates, with ideas for designing rubrics to fit any assignment. Here are some of my treasured resources:

A good starting point for your own search for assessment resources is Kathy Schrock's Guide to Educators: http://school.discovery.com/schrockguide/assess.html

Believe it or not, a web site with a .pdf file on "Rubrics for rubrics!" http://idecorp.com/assessrubric.pdf

A must-visit is ISTE's list of National Education Technology Standards for Students, which are widely accepted and practiced:

I am always particularly interested in finding sites that enabled students to write their own rubrics using pre-designed templates. Two that are free and have multiple links within are:


The Rubric Construction Set

These sites represent more interactive use of the Internet for student decision-making, writing, and design.

On the Midlink Magazine site http://ncsu.edu/midlink/ho.html there are three links to rubrics that incorporate the Excel software program. These provide an opportunity for learning across the curriculum because of the combination of a computer program, writing, and mathematics. 

I would love to see the rubrics you and your students design.  Feel free to e-mail me at jvitulano@aol.com.