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Ellen Meyers has had a long distinguished career in education. She is a founder and senior vice president of Teachers Network. She serves as director of the Teachers Network Leadership Institute, a major nationwide initiative that bridges the gap between schoolhouses and statehouses, providing the teacher’s voice in education policymaking. She is editor-in-chief of the By Teachers, For Teachers series of handbooks, including the bestselling New Teachers Handbook and How to Use the Internet in the Classroom. Her latest publication achievement is Taking Action with Teacher Research (Heinemann, 2003). She is Teachers Network’s in-house producer on the video series, Successful Teaching Practices in Action, and developer of the television series by the same name. Other achievements include the development of the award-winning web site, teachersnetwork.org, and the creation of Teachers Network’s on-line courses.

Ellen has written numerous articles that have appeared in major media outlets including the New York Times, Education Week, and Gotham Gazette. Presentations at conferences across the county include giving the keynote address at the Holmes Partnership Conference (San Diego 2004).

Ellen has been a newspaper columnist, film producer, political campaign manager, community board member, and foundation and federal grants advisor. She has a weekly radio show on WHCR, Harlem Community Radio. Past employment has included the development of a dissemination arm of the Department of Education, the design and launching of the Churchill Center (for children with learning disabilities), and public relations and fundraising for non-profits with the consulting firm, Arts, Letters & Politics. She has produced materials for Scholastic and a variety of arts organizations.

Ellen graduated from the University of Wisconsin cum laude, has a Masters in Education from Cambridge College, and was recently awarded a certificate in English Language Teaching from Long Island University. For five years, she was adjunct professor at New York University’s Steinhardt School of Education and currently is an instructor of English at Long Island University.


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