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1. Student will learn African American History.

2.Understands how scientific discoveries have helped progress regarding human health and lifestyles.


botany, biology, agricultural,  humanitarian, nitrate, legumes,


Teacher choice on Carver Book

Quiz on Carver passage







1. Do a K-W-L

2.  Read any book of your choice on George Washington Carver to the class. (there are many books available)

3. Discuss what kind of character Carver was. (humanitarian)

4. Most books will tell about all the products that Carver developed using peanuts and other crops.

5. Discuss the challenges Carver faced in order to become a botanist. 

          How did he use his knowledge of plants?

          Why wasn't money important to him?

6. Have students visit these websites and read about Carver.

short and simple Enchanted Learning about Inventors

Short biography World Almanac For Kids

long passage About Inventors

Garden of Praise  Quiz is mostly from this passage

7.  Give quiz on passages.

8. Give students the following writing prompt.

Carver thought that the truly successful person was the one who had learned to serve others.

Think about what you think true success is.

Write to explain your point of view and compare it to Carvers.


1. Quiz on George W. Carver

2. Expository prompt.


1.  Students will research their food items and products at home.

2. Write down what products they have at home that contain anything related to peanuts.



George Washington Carver National Monument Traveling Trunk Program

The George Washington Carver Traveling Trunk is an overview of Dr. Carverís life. This trunk contains a variety of hands-on objects, photographs, books, posters, costumes, videos, and supportive instructional materials related to the life and work of Dr. Carver. The trunk contains a simple science experiment to help children learn. The cost is $45.00 to ship it back To the monument.

Home Investigation Anatomy Nutrition Carver Products Math Credits Rubrics