The Chocolate Touch 


1. Reads text and determines main idea, relevant details and arranges events in chronological order. 

2.  Understands development of plot and how conflicts are resolved in a story.

2. Recognizes Cause and effect relationships in literary texts.


Click here for lists on words from every chapter

1. Students work in groups to find words in dictionary.

2.  Chocolate Touch students can visit this website and practice the vocabulary. 


Student Worksheets (See Lesson)

The Chocolate Touch by Patrick Skene

Preferably 1 copy for each student.


1. Have students write down what their favorite food or  favorite activity.  Share with the class.

2. Introduce the Title of the story. The Chocolate Touch.

3.  Students will write down a prediction of what they think will happen (problem)  in this story.

4. How do you  think you would feel if you got to eat your favorite food everyday or do your favorite activity continually?  Discuss.

Activities: (cont.) 

5. Introduce the Chocolate Theme to the class.  Tell students that as they read the story they will also be learning all about chocolate.

6. Decide how you want to read this book. My suggestion:

Day 1  Chapter 1    
Day 2  Chapter 2   
Day 3  Chapter 3    
Day 4  Chapter 4  

Day 5  Chapters 5-6   

Day 6  Chapters 7-8  

Day 7  Chapters 9-10 

Day 8 Chapters 11-12

 Activities: (cont.) 

7.  Do vocabulary work for each chapter prior to reading each chapter.

8.  After each chapter use Oral Questions to discuss each chapter.

9. Give students end of chapter Worksheet and homework activity handout.

10.  Students will use the handouts  write a summary of each chapter and answer questions for Homework .

12.  After completing students can visit this website and answer questions on story.

Chocolate Touch


1. Answer questions on handout

2. Do vocabulary activities



1.  End of Chapter Worksheets

2. Homework  handout 

3.  Quiz on story.




Students will write a different ending to the story. 

What if John's Chocolitis could not be cured?

What if John is cured but he is not able to get his mother back to normal?

What if John becomes selfish again, what else could happen?


























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