Oral Questions for Each Chapter

Chapter 1

1.     What kind of character was John?

2.     What instrument was John learning to play?

3.     What was Johnís favorite candy to eat?

4.     Why do Johnís parents decide to take him to the doctor?

5.     What was Johnís problem?

6.     What did John do in the doctor's office that made his father mad?

7.     How did John's father try to use to convince John to eat the right kinds of food?

Chapter 2

1.     What did John find as he was walking to Susan's house?

2.     Why was the coin unusual?

3.     What did John do after he found the coin?

4.     Why do you think the storekeeper smiled as he watched John leave the store?

5.     Why did John decide to come in quietly into his house?

6.     Why did John hide the box of candy from his parents?

7.     John was drinking a tonic. What was it for?

8.     Why was John disappointed with the chocolate he bought?

Chapter 3

1.     What happened when John brushed his teeth?

2.     What did John do with the tube of toothpaste?

3.     How did his sister feel about what John had said?

4.     What is happening to everything that John drinks and eats?

5.     Do Johnís mother and sister believe him when he says it all tastes like chocolate?

6.     What reward was Mrs. Midas going to give John for eating his food?

Chapter 4

1.     What bad habit did John have?

2.     What happened to the John's glove when he bit it?

3.     What did the glove taste like when Spider tried it?

4.     What did Susan want John to do with the coin to prove it was real?

5.     Why was John reluctant to bite the coin?

6.     What made Susan be mad with John?

7.     What do you think is causing everything John eats to turn to chocolate?

Chapter 5

1.     What happened when John drank water?

2.     What happened to the pencil when John started to write?

3.     How would you describe Miss Plimsole?

4.     Why was Miss. Plimsole not happy with John?

5.      Describe what happened to John's pencil during the math test.

Chapter 6

1.     Was John lying about his problem with the pencil?  Did Miss Plimsole believe him?

2.     What did Miss Plimsole think about the story John told her?

3.     How are the games mentioned in this story different from the games you play today?

4.     How did Susan treat John during recess? Why?

5.     How was John feeling by lunchtime?

6.     If you were John, what would you do to straighten out the mess he has gotten into?

Chapter 7

1.     What did John think about as he waited in line for his lunch?

2.     How did the thought of chocolate cream pie make John feel?

3.     How did John feel about the food he chose for lunch?

4.     What happened as John ate his lunch?

5.     What other problem did John have besides the food turning to chocolate?

Chapter 8

1.     What did John think about the list of words Miss Plimsole gave them?

2.     What instrument does John play?

3.     How did John feel about the piece of music he was to play? Why?

4.     What happened when John began to play?

5.     What must have crossed Mrs. Quaverís mind when she saw the chocolate trumpet?

Chapter 9

1.     Why is John blaming everyone for the way he feels?

2.     What caused John to stop crying and fussing?

3.     Do you recognize any of the games played at Susanís Party?

4.     How does Susanís feelings change from the beginning of the party to the end of the party?

5.     What happened when John bobbed for an apple?

6.     How did John feel at the end of this chapter?

Chapter 10

1.     What caused John to tell the whole story to his dad?

2.     Did his father believe his story?

3.     What did they find when they looked for the candy store?

4.     Where did Mr. Midas take John?

5.     How does Dr. Cranium treat Johnís condition?

6.     What does Dr. Cranium call Johnís problem?

Chapter 11

1.     Why did the doctor call Johnís disease Cranium's Disease?

2.     How did Mrs. Midas feel when her husband told her John's problem?

3.     Why did Mrs. Midas turn into a statue?

4.     Where did John go to get help?

5.     Describe what John found when he reached the candy store.

6.     What does the storekeeper tell John that changes things?

7.     What choice did John have to make?

Chapter 12

1.     When John returns home, what does he find?

2.     Why do you think Ms. Midas felt strange?

3.     Was John nervous this time about drinking milk?

4.     Why did John go looking for the candy store?


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