Chocolate Math


1.  Students will identify parts of a whole.

2.  Students will identify how parts of a whole can be equal to other parts.


fraction,  factor,  lowest terms, whole, numerator,  denominator, half, quarter,   equation,  reduced , improper fraction,



 The Hershey's Fraction Book

 Paper Hershey chocolate Bar  (one per student)

 Real Hershey Milk Chocolate Bars (one per student)

Print math quiz


1.  Read the Hershey's Fraction Book to the class.

2. Hand out 1 paper chocolate bar per student.

3.  Tell students that they hold in their hand one whole chocolate bar.

4.  Have students cut each piece of the chocolate bar. 

5.  Use the overhead to model each fraction.  Students practice.

Activities (con.t)

6.  Now model how parts of fractions are equal to other fractions such as halves. Students practice

7.  Model how to add and subtract fractions. Students practice.

8.  Review how to do fractions with other things such as the cows, and cocoa pods.

Activities (cont.)

9. Now that you have given a lesson on fraction you may want to go into your math text to do more fraction practice.

9. Students will create their own fraction problems using graphics in the computer. 

10.  Students will complete fraction quiz.

11.  Give each student a Hershey's Bar  to enjoy.



Have students practice working on fractions.


1.  Students will create their own fraction problems on the computer using graphics.

2.  Students will complete quiz.

3.  Students hand in completed worksheet on the fractions using M&M's.





1. Give each student a bag of  M&M's.

 2. Discuss how a bag is the whole. Students will count how many pieces make the whole bag.

3.  Explain to students that the total number of pieces will be their denominator.

3.  Now discuss how there are different colored M&M's that make the whole bag.

4. Students will separate the M&M's by color and write the fraction that shows how many of each color they have. Explain that each color will now be the numerator.

5. Students will add and subtract fractions using the groups of colors.  They can also show equal fractions.






























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