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: Build a Community of Learners
How to Home
NYC Helpline: How to Build a Community of Learners
How To: Adjust Your Teaching Styles to Students' Learning Styles

Judi's articles on Building a Community of Learners

A Question about Homework

The Power of Play

Building Community in Your Classroom Through Writing

Building Relationships with Families by Celebrating the Holidays in Your Classroom

Working With A Collaborative Team Teaching Partner

Parent-Teacher Conferences: Showing Student Work

Knowing Your Students & Letting Your Students Know You

End Of Year Rituals For Teachers And Students

Managing Stress through Teacher Talk Groups

Professional Organizations for Teachers

Grants for New Teachers

New Teachers Learn about Teaching Through Collaboration

How to Help Create a Professional Learning Community In Your School   

Related Research Articles

Beginning Teacher Induction: Collaboration for Success 
Marcey Regan

Policies to Enable Teacher Collaboration
Peter Dillon

Have a Question or suggestion about building a community of learners?
E-mail Judi

Recommended Reading and Link
The Power of Protocols by Joseph P. McDonald, Nancy Mohr, Allen Dichter, and Elizabeth Carroll McDonald, Teachers College Press (Scroll down the page to download free protocols.)

Other Articles on Building a Community of Learners

Helping Your Students Cope with Tragic Loss
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

How to Work Collaboratively
Allison Demas

Collaboration: High School Style
Judy Jones

More Team Building
Lisa Kihn

Team Building
Lisa Kihn

Liberating the Imagination
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

Beyond the One-to-One
Sharon Pettey-Taylor

How To Collaboratively Design Year Long Curriculum Maps
Sarah Picard

How to Find a CTT Match
Sarah Picard

Eyes Wide Open: Making the most of your time to observe
Sarah Picard

Divide and Conquer: How to use any extra help you can get
Sarah Picard

I Want to Hold Your Hand: Tips for finding a collaborative partner
Sarah Picard


Judi also writes on
How to Get Started

Judi Fenton

Judi Fenton has been working in NYC public schools since 1986. She was an early childhood teacher for fourteen years. She then became a site facilitator with the New Educator Support Team, a project that helped schools build their own capacity to support and retain teachers. After working as a mentor for three years in Region 9, she is currently an Instructional Specialist on an Empowerment Network Team.

Judi has worked with Teachers Network since 1995 on many projects, including the Teachers Network Leadership Institute which enables teachers to do action research in their classrooms and schools and communicate their findings to policy makers. She also teaches on-line courses. Her two daughters attend public schools.

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