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Team Building Lisa Kihn

The following activities could be used with all ages as a way to facilitate team building and introduce students to one another. I use these at the beginning of the school year with my class, as well as anytime when I have the opportunity to meet with new groups of kids. They can also be used when teaching a “mini-class” or summer school classes with small groups of students who may have never been in a learning environment together before.

Ice Breakers and Warm-Up Activities
This activity sheet is great to use with new groups of students as a way to get them ready to learn or do an activity together.

  1. Get 20 different autographs on the back of this sheet. Include first, middle and last names.
  2. Untie someone’s shoes and tie them again. Have the person initial here _____
  3. Find someone who has a family member whose birthday is in the same month as yours. Have them write the person’s name here ________________________
  4. Get someone to roll a somersault and sign his/her name here _______________
  5. Have someone do 5 push-ups for you and sign his/her name here ____________
  6. Play “Duck Duck Goose” with everyone in the room. Be sure everyone gets a turn.
  7. Do 25 jumping jacks and have someone count them off for you. Have them sign here ______________________
  8. Do the “Bunny Hop” with four other people. Have two of them initial here _______________

More Warm Up Activities.


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