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Ben and Jerry's Web Site: Lesson 1: Treasure Hunt
Ben & Jerry's Website:  A Cool Way to Reinforce Language Arts Skills and Work Toward Computer Proficiency by Julie Vitulano, New York City Public Schools.

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Lesson 1: Treasure Hunt

Aim: How can we learn about Ben & Jerry's ice cream?

Materials: Computers with Internet access and word processing program, notebook.

Instructional Objectives: Students will be able to surf through an Internet site to gather information to complete a treasure hunt; students will be able to create a treasure hunt for their classmates.

Do Now: Teacher dictates the following: 

    "Pulp Addiction"
    "Urban Jumble"
    "Half Baked"

Then the teacher asks students to guess what these three names are. (Answer: names of Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavors)

Motivation: The teacher calls on specific students for answers to the following questions:
    Do you like ice cream?
    Which flavor do you like the best?
    Can you name a brand of ice cream?
    Is ice cream sold in the school cafeteria?
    What ingredients are used in ice cream?
    Have you ever tried Ben & Jerry's ice cream?


  1. Teacher distributes copies of the "Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream Treasure Hunt." The students are directed to go to: http://benjerry.com to answer the following questions.


    1. On the website's graphic, what is represented on the cherry? 
    2. In which state did Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. start up?
      Hint: Click United States
    3. Name two "Twisted" ice cream flavors.
    4. Give the street address of one of the Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shops in New York City.
      Hint: Click Scoop Shops
    5. When was Free Cone Day?
    6. What does Free Cone Day celebrate?
    7. Name one of the latest additions to the Flavor Graveyard.
    8. In what year did Ben and Jerry hold their first summer movie festival?
      Hint: Go to Timeline
    9. What are the three separate parts of Ben and Jerry's Mission Statement?
    10. Where did Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield go to high school?
    11. Which major international company bought Ben & Jerry's last year?
      Hint: Click Press Releases

    1. The Japanese Flag
    2. Vermont
    3. Nutty Waffle Cone, and Orange and Cream
    4. 680 8th Avenue, New York NY 10036
    5. April 18, 2000
    6. The anniversary of the beginning of Ben and Jerry's Homemade, Inc.
    7. Mango Lime Sorbet
    8. 1978
    9. Product, Economic, and Social
    10. Calhoun High School in Merrick, Long Island
    11. Unilever

  2. After completing the teacher-designed Treasure Hunt, each student continues to surf the site to gather information to use to create his/her own Treasure Hunt. The student-designed Treasure Hunts should consist of 10 questions. Hints may be given, and a separate answer sheet must be included.

  3. Students exchange Treasure Hunts with a partner. They find and then check answers with their partners.

Homework: Students write a paragraph on Ben & Jerry's ice cream based on their notes from the day's Treasure Hunts.

The following multiple choice reading comprehension questions may be used as an extension activity. These types of questions accompany the New York State English Language Arts Task II questions and are designed to supplement the students' notes for their essays.


Note: The following multiple choice questions are based on reading material from the indicated web pages.

  1. The popularity of Ben & Jerry's ice cream may be attributed to:
    1. innovative flavors
    2. milk and cream
    3. mission statement
    4. location of the company

  2. The word venue means:
    1. a street
    2. a place
    3. a store
    4. French cities

    (3. http://benjerry.com/activism/mission-statement/)

  3. The mission statement of Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc. may best be described as: 
    1. profit dominated
    2. one-dimensional
    3. simple to understand
    4. obtuse

    (4. http://benjerry.com/nutritional.html)

  4. The contrast in "Calories from Fat" between Original Ice Cream Pints and Low Fat Ice Cream Pints may be expressed:
    1. as at least a 5 to 1 ratio
    2. two to one
    3. more and less
    4. in grams

Lesson 2 >>


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