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Teachers Network Leadership Institute:
Wyoming Teacher Policy Institute
Joan Gaston, Fremont County School District #25, Riverton, WY

I have compiled all of the surveys that I originally collected near the beginning of the school year from teachers and administrators regarding their perceptions of the WyTriad process. I am now in the process of meeting with each individual principal and the teachers from their building in WyTriad to talk about some of the projects and research they are doing that the principal may or may not be aware of. 

We have also talked about progress the teachers have made with their kids using Triad strategies, problems that the teachers are encountering--Time is the biggest issue—and some of their attempts to deal with problems. The meetings so far have been very positive and turn into a problem solving session for both principal and teachers. 

I have met with the principal at Jefferson Elem. and the principal and assistant at the high school. I have yet to meet with the middle school, Jackson Elem. and Ashgrove. (Time is the biggest issue here too). My hope is to see if knowing what is happening in their buildings and personally interacting with the teachers to solve some of their issues will change the principals' perception of WyTriad as a professional development and will the teachers' perception change about guidance and leadership provided by the administrator. 

I have not made an attempt to find any articles even though you have made the effort to connect us with the UW library -that time issue again. If you have suggestions or articles - please let me know.


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