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Teachers Network Leadership Institute: Affiliates: MetLife Fellows: Wyoming

Wyoming Teacher Policy Institute

Action Research

Index of Project Summaries
(click to view the whole summary)

Kathleen Crain, Wyoming Indian Elementary School, Ethete, WY
Research question: How will student-generated rubrics impact writing in my classroom? 

Donna Daniels, Thermopolis Middle School, Hot Springs School Dist. #1 WY
Research Question: Are technology standards met more effectively through integration in content area classrooms or through required computer classes?

Jean Davies, Goins Elementary School, Cheyenne, WY
Research Question: In what ways could teachers educate/communicate with parents so parents better support their children’s learning?

Cornelia Dereemer, Johnson Jr. High, Cheyenne, WY 
Research Question: Could multi-grade level standards be met through a service learning project in health education?  

Jill Felbeck, Dean Morgan Junior High School, Casper, WY
Research question: How will the Spalding Writing Road to Reading Method improve achievement and skill level with seventh and eighth graders who are reading below grade level?

Joan Fuchs, Hot Springs Middle School, Thermopolis, WY
I completed data collection on how TMS reading scores compare to other schools though posted WyCas results, as well as how well we have done over the past three years on the district's Terra Nova test. 

Joan Gaston, Fremont County School District #25, Riverton, WY
I have compiled all of the surveys that I originally collected near the beginning of the school year from teachers and administrators regarding their perceptions of the WyTriad process. 

Eric Kay, Hot Springs Middle School, Thermopolis, WY
I am looking at reading programs, specifically the one I currently use in my classroom, and what motivates students to read for pleasure. 

Carol Lynch, Hot Springs County High School, Thermopolis, WY
Research Question: What are the teachers in Hot Springs County's perceptions and understanding of the Body of Evidence mandated by the WDE?

Debra Meredith, Lincoln Elementary, Riverton, WY 
Research question: How will the teaching of specific strategies for reading and working with nonfiction literature affect the reading achievement of boys in the classroom?

Gary Miller, Wyoming Indian High School, Ethete, WY
Research Question: What are current classroom teacher attitudes about WDE Body of Evidence policy?

Susan Pannell, Hot Springs High School, Thermopolis, WY
Research Project: A look at the correlation between student reading and writing.

Allen Trent, University of Wyoming, Laramie, WY
As you all realize, I'm doing my own research project about your research projects and our WTPI work, so here's my quick summary:

Wayne Tuttle, Manor Heights Elementary, Casper, WY
Research Question: How will the use of Writer’s Workshop combined with instruction on the Six Traits of Writing improve student achievement in writing?

Judy Warfel & Karen Delbridge, Johnson Junior High School, Cheyenne, WY
Since Johnson Junior High School is the Cheyenne site for Professional Development Schools, we have chosen to concentrate our efforts on how the Cheyenne Professional Development School and the power of inquiry have influenced and affected the role of teacher education. 

Cheryl Williams, Wyoming Indian Elementary School, Ethete, WY
Research Question: Does an outdoor curriculum promote positive student behavior?


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