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TeachNetUSA: Crimes on the Great Lakes


A valuable emerald and diamond necklace has been lost.  The yacht of a wealthy businesswoman was sailing from Toronto to Cleveland.  Her nephew was onboard so that he could test a new ultra-low frequency observer (UFO). The UFO could be dropped to the bottom of a lake and transmit data back.  The ship was rammed by another boat and everyone survived because they were wearing lifejackets.  Because of the length of time involved for the boats to sink surface currents and underwater currents carried the boat far away from the site of the accident.  The UFO is transmitting data nicely which will help find the wreck and recover a $250,000 necklace which is in the ships safe.

Many boats have accidents on the Great Lakes.  A lot of people lose their lives because they do not wear their PFD's (Personal Flotation Device).  The simple fact is that anytime anyone is in a boat a PFD should be worn because of the many different types of boating accidents that can happen.

You are to locate the shipwreck by using the data transmitted by the UFO and matching up the information with current lake information.  Information on Lake Erie for each lake condition is drawn on an clear overhead of the Lake.  The search areas where all criteria are met are drawn on a final overhead.  A written description of the search area or areas using latitude and longitude is to be forwarded to a salvage company.

Lake Conditions:

Water Surface Temperatures
Water Surface Elevations
Water Currents
Wave Height and Direction
Wind Direction
Return to Great Lakes Crimes

Success in your assignment will be determined on the following basis.

Scoring Rubric for Shipwreck
Part of Assignment Excellent - 4 pts each Good - 3 pts each Fair - 2 pts each Poor - 1 point each
UFO information Interpereted accurately Interpereted mostly accurately Interpereted somewhat accurately Not interpereted accurately
Search area map Reflects UFO data accurately Reflects UFO data mostly accurately Reflects UFO data somewhat accurately Does not accurately reflect UFO data
Search area description Accurate based on search area map Mosty based on search area map Somewhat based on search area map Not based on search area map
Finding Information Found all information as instructed Found information with some assistance Found information with a lot of assistance Could not find any information


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