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New Teachers Online: How-To Articles: Implement Standards, Curriculum, and Assessment

Liberating the Imagination <== Standards => Graphic Design Student Outline ==> Student Work (pdf file)

Standard 1 - Creating, Performing and Participating in the Arts
Students will actively engage in the processes that constitute creation and performance in the arts (dance, music, theatre, and visual arts) and participate in various roles in the arts.

  1. Produce comprehensive and well organized commencement portfolios of their work.
  1. Reveal through their work a broad investigation of a variety of individual ideas and at least one theme explored imaginatively and in depth.
  1. Give evidence that they have developed an emerging personal style.
  1. Use selected mediums and techniques and select the most appropriate mediums and techniques to communicate their ideas.

Standard 2 - Knowing and Using Arts Materials and Resources
Students will know and use a variety of visual arts materials, techniques, and processes. Students will know about resources and opportunities for participation in visual arts in the community (exhibitions, libraries, museums, galleries) and use appropriate materials (art reproductions, slides, print materials, electronic media). Students will be aware of vocational options available in the visual arts.

In addition to the General Education performance indicators, students:

  1. Develop Commencement Portfolios that show proficiency in one or more mediums and skill in using and manipulating the computer and other electronic media.
  1. Prepare a portfolio that meets the admission requirements of selected institutions.
  1. Understand the preparation required for particular art professions and acquire some skills of those professions through internships with local galleries, museums, advertising agencies, architectural firms, and other institutions.

Standard 3 - Responding to and Analyzing Works of Art
Students will reflect on, interpret, and evaluate works of art, using the language of art criticism. Students will analyze the visual characteristics of the natural and built environment and explain the social, cultural, psychological, and environmental dimensions of the visual arts. Students will compare the ways in which a variety of ideas, themes, and concepts are expressed through the visual arts with the ways they are expressed in other disciplines.

In addition to the General Education performance indicators, students:

  1. Using the language of art criticism, describe the visual and functional characteristics of works of art and interpret the relationships of works of art one to another, to describe the impact of the work on the viewer.
  1. Demonstrate an understanding of art criticism, art histories, and aesthetic principles and show their connections to works of art.
  1. Give evidence in their Commencement Portfolios that they have researched a theme in-depth and that in their research they have explored the ways the theme has been expressed in other disciplinary forms.

Standard 4 - Understanding the Cultural Dimensions and Contributions of the Arts
Students will explore art and artifacts from various historical periods and world cultures to discover the roles that art plays in the lives of people of a given time and place and to understand how the time and place influence the visual characteristics of the art work. Students will explore art to understand the social, cultural, and environmental dimensions of human society.

In addition to the General Education performance indicators, students:

  1. Present a body of work within their portfolio that reflects the influences of a variety of cultural styles.
  1. Interpret the meaning of works and artifacts in terms of the cultures that produced them.
  1. Explain how cultural values have been expressed in the visual arts, how art works have been used to bring about cultural change and how the art of a culture has been influenced by art works coming from outside that culture.

Liberating the Imagination <== Standards ==> Graphic Design Student Outline ==> Student Work (pdf file)


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