Welcome to Ms. Ehrich's website adventure: WHO   WHAT   HOW.
It will be the odyssey of YOU, WHO you are and what your care about.

Act as if it were impossible to fail.           Dorothea Brande

What happens in WHO? Some preparation will help you pick the best possible answers so that you get the most true representation of YOU. So, we're going to back up one step before we move on to the tests. Get with your group, and work on the KWL list of personality vocabulary words.

Next, you will learn what your learning style is and how you relate to others when you take a personality test. We will have a discussion about how true these personality tests are, and what it means in your relationships to others who have different and similar personalities. You will be assigned a color that reflects your personality. (for example, NF's are Orange)

Meanwhile, you will be working on your self-portrait in class. You will also have a disk of digital imagery you will be using to help you with your portrait, as well as manipulating this image for Log Assignment #4.
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How to cite Sources
Cite your Sources!

As you research this project, all information that you gather must be credited to the SOURCE of that information.
In the heat of surfing the net, it is easy to forget to do this.

What is plagiarism and why is that a problem?
Plagiarism Explained
and techniques to avoid doing it.

Log Assignment # 1

Link to the Personality Vocabulary page that contains personality descriptors. You will find a link to an online dictionary. Reminder: Put a check in your Log record that you have completedthis step.
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Log Assignment # 2
What is your color?

Link to this site to determine the color of your personality.
Use this information to manipulate your digital image.

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Log Assignment # 3
Take the (Personality) Test!

Click on this link to go to various personality test sites. What is your type?
Write it down in your log!
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Log Assignment # 4
What is your color? Manipulating a digital image.
If you have not received a disc full of your digital imagery, do it now!
You will be using these images for this assignment, your portrait, and future projects.
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Portrait techniques and color theory
Here are some links to help you as you are working on your portrait.

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Log Assignment # 5

Link to Poetry Assignment
You will create a piece of poetry that describes you. Start with this format to help you generate ideas and
discover different ways of describing who you are.

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Log Assignment # 6

Research cultural symbols that fulfil your personal requirements, such as they are visually appealing, and the meaning behind the symbol reflects issues that are meaningful to you.

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Log Assignment # 7
Reflect on what you have learned in "What" and how you can apply this learning to your life.
This should be a quick 10 minute writing of whatever comes to mind.

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