When you have completed this test, you will have learned 3 new things about yourself and your relationships to others;

What is your type? What is your Color? Who is your most challenging Type/Color?

"It is a fault to wish to be understood before we have made ourselves clear to ourselves." Simone Weil, "Gravity and Grace"

For each of the following sets of four descriptors each, give yourself 5 points for the one which best describes you, a 3 for the one next closest to your, a 1 for your third preference, and a 0 if that is not really you at all. Do this for each of the following eleven sets of descriptors.
In each set you must use all four numbers; do not use the same number twice in a given set.

1. I am
A. ____ Personable, warm, and caring
B. ____ Well-organized and efficient
C. ____ Analytical and a good thinker
D. ____ Creative and spontaneous

2. I put a lot of emphasis on
A. ____ Feelings and emotions of both myself and others
B. ____ Facts and data
C. ____ Theories and underlying patterns of understanding
D. ____ Values, principles, and ideas

3. In situations I encounter, I value
A. ____ Harmonious, collaborative relationships
B. ____ Useful, practical, and well-defined task or activities
C. ____ Asking questions and trying to uncover themes, patterns, or insights
D. ____ Open-ended, creative, and sometimes many different ways of doing things

4. In most situations, I would rather take the role of
A. ____ Talking and interacting
B. ____ Doing and completing a task
C. ____ Planning and evaluating
D. ____ Inventing or brainstorming many ways of doing things

5. I am
A. ____ A collaborator
B. ____ A competitor
C. ____ A debater
D. ____ An idea person

6. My thinking style might best be described as
A. ____ Personal in terms of what my hear and head both are saying
B. ____Concrete, logical, ad sequential
C. ____ More abstract, but looking at how the trees make up the forest
D. ____ Looking at the ideal, hypothesizing

7. I am
A. ____ Sociable
B. ____ Reliable and practical
C. ____ Philosophical and reflective
D. ____ Romantic – at times, a dreamer or fantasizer

8. I learn best
A. ____ Working in a group
B. ____ Working alone or within specific parameter where I know what is expected
C. ____ When I can do independent research and synthesize data in a systematic way
D. ____ Create my own way of doing things

9. People describe me as
A. ____ a “people-person”
B. ____ Rational, responsible, and goal-directed
C. ____ A good thinker, debater, and researcher
D. ____ Fun-loving, inspirational, and at times, a dreamer

10. I value
A. ____ Feelings, loyalty, and empathy
B. ____ Goals, authority, directives, and incentives
C. ____ Laws, governing cause, and critical thinking
D. ____ Freedom from constraints, imagination, and aesthetics

11. My first question in a new situation often is
A. ____ Who? (and sometimes, How do I feel about?)
B. ____ What? (is expected or must be done)
C. ____ Why?
D. ____ But what if? (we approached it in a different way?)

Total your score for each of the following letters:

A. ________ B. _________ C. __________ D. _________

Which is your highest? ___________
Your highest score reflects your style as follows;
A =SF or Sensing / Feeling “The Care Giving People Person”--Blue
B = ST or Sensing / Thinking “The Responsible Worker” --Gold
C = NT or Intuitive / Thinking “The Independent Philosopher” --Green
D = NF or Intuitive / Feeling “The Creative Visionary” --Orange

Each of us is a combination of all four styles –but especially under stress, we have one preferred style

Our Challenging Person is Diagonal to our Type!
While this type is our most challenging person, the irony is they have abilities that we need to acquire. It is really good to be in team with our most challenging person, as our ideas will become more complete with their help and strengths.
They need us, as well, for the same reasons!
The best team of all would have all four types sharing what they do best.

B/Gold                   A--Blue
(ST) Worker                      (SF) Caregiver
________________ ! ____________________

C—Green                 D--Orange
(NT) Philosopher                           (NF) Visionary

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Got some extra time?

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