Log Assignment #4; What is Your Color?
Manipulating a digital image.
Read all the steps before beginning.
Minimize this page, so that you can go back and forth between Photo Editor and these steps.

1. Insert your disk, open your image in Photo Editor by picking the A:/ drive
2. Pick your favorite portrait.
3. Open it in Microsoft Photo Editor. Orient your page to "Portrait"
4. Click on the image to select it. Go into "View" and rotate image so that it is oriented correctly.
5. Size it be a 5"x8" image (change size options to inches, not pixels)
6. Center it on the page by selecting this option from image area.
7. IMPORTANT! Double check all of these parameters before printing. You can see on the left how big this image will be on the page. Some white space around the image is desirable, because you will be adding collage elements later.
8. If all SEVEN steps have been completed, PRINT.
What you PRINT is what you get, so make sure it is the right size, etc.!

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