Poetry of ME; I Am
Welcome to Ms. Ehrich's website adventure: WHO   WHAT   HOW.
It will be the odyssey of YOU, WHO you are and what your care about.
" Poetry comes nearer to vital truth than history." -- Plato

Writing a Self-Portrait Poem: "I Am"
Phase 1
You will create a piece of poetry that describes you. Start with this format to help you generate ideas and
discover different ways of describing who you are.


Line 1; (Your first name)

Line 2; I am (list four nouns) A person, place, thing, or idea
Why a NOUN? Well everyone is beautiful and smart
and so those words are VAGUE. If you say something like;
I am the dew on the grass sparkling in the sun......
you will have an image that your audience can relate to.
It is a classical example of "Show me, don't tell me." in writing.

Line 3; I am ( list 3 verbs) Denotes an action.

Line 4; I am my dream to (list 2 goals)

Line 5: I am (Write a sentence containing a positive thought or feeling. It can tell you what you find acceptable in yourself.)

Line 6; Write a sentence in which you show something negative in yourself or in others; however, the sentence must finish by showing that out of something bad can come good. Use the word “but” to link that bad and good. (ex. I can be fearsome when my ideas are challenged, but I thrive on intelligent conversation.)

Line 7; I am (Your first and last name)

Phase 2

Now that you have created this poem, take these ideas, and transform them into Rap.

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