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Welcome to Mrs. Fonseca's Computer Class!

Lesson 2Survey Sheet (Word Processing)

Estimated Time:

1-2 class periods (55 minutes each)


Students will use Microsoft Word to create a survey sheet.


Computers (one per student)
List of Survey Subjects
Software Program:  Microsoft Word
Survey Sheet on blackboard
3½" floppy disks


1.  Students will choose a survey subject and report it to the teacher.  No two students (in the same class) can  
     have the same subject. 
2.  Following the example on the board, students will copy and complete the survey sheet on a sheet of paper.
3.  After having their completed survey sheets checked by the teacher, students will open Microsoft Word.
4.  Students must follow the teacher’s oral instructions:
     a.  Click Times New Roman for the font and 12 for the font size.
     b.  Click the Columns button and choose 2 Columns.
     c.  Click the Center button and the Underline button.
     d.  Type your survey title. 
     e.  Press Enter two times.  Take off the Center button and the Underline button.
     f.  Type Name.  Hold Shift and the hyphen key until the line is as long as it can be
          without going to the next line.
     g.  Press Enter two times.  Press Tab one time.
     h.  Click Format and Bullets and Numbering.  Click the Bulleted tab and click 
          the square bullet character.  Click OK.
     i.  Type Boy.  Press Enter.  Type Girl.  Press Enter twice.
     j.  Type the question.  Press Enter twice.
     k.  Press Tab one time.  Type first choice.  Press Enter.
     l.   Type second choice.  Press Enter.
     m. Type third choice.  Press Enter.
     n.  Type fourth choice.  Press Enter.
     o.  Type fifth choice.  Press Enter twice.
5.  Students must repeat steps 4c-4o five times.  When finished, students will have a total of six survey sheets   
     (three in each column).  They must put their name, grade, and homeroom at the bottom of the first column.  
     Tip:  Do not allow students to use copy and paste.  They must become familiar with using the different   
     functions of the word processing programs.
6.  Students will again follow the teacher’s oral instructions:
     a.  Click View, Toolbars, Drawing to display the drawing tools (if they are not 
          already visible).
     b.  Click the Rectangle tool.  Draw a rectangle around the first survey sheet.
     c.  Click Draw, Order, Send Behind Text.
     d.  Click Edit and Copy.
     e.  Click Edit and Paste.  Using the arrow keys on the keyboard, position the
          rectangle over the survey sheet in the second column.  Make sure the lines of
          the rectangles are touching.
      f.  Repeat step 6e until there is a rectangle around each survey sheet. 
7.  Students will Spell Check and Save their work.
8.  The teacher will Print five copies of the completed page, for a total of thirty survey sheets.
9.  Students will have fifteen boys and fifteen girls to complete the survey sheets.
     Students must make sure each boy and girl write their first and last name, check their sex, and choose only   
     one of the five choices.


The teacher will grade the survey sheet.  Points will be deducted for misspelled words, improper spacing, and missing information.

Lesson 3Tally Sheet (Word Processing)

Estimated Time:

1 class period (55 minutes)


Students will use Microsoft Word to create a tally sheet.


Computers (one per student)
Software Program:  Microsoft Word
3½" floppy disks



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