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Bug Web: Website Companion

"I've got that Geometry Bug!"

[Insect Sites] [Artist Sites] [Math Sites]

 These sites will help you find answers to the research questions for this project.

Insect Sites

  1. Iowa State University's Tasty Insect Recipes--Yes, just what it sounds like! Teach your students the importance of insects in the human food chain in some parts of the world, and get them to try it if you can!!
  2. 3D Virtual Insects
  3. Bugbios.com - This site aims to help you really see insects for the miniature marvels they represent and to understand how intertwined our cultures have become with these alien creatures.
  4. BugScope - participating classrooms will have the opportunity to control an Environmental Scanning Electron Microscope to view insects at high magnification.
  5. The Creepy Crawly Zoo
  6. Cultural Entomology - explores how insects affect all facets of the humanities.
  7. How Grasshoppers Jump!
  8. Insect Zoo - this site has a live camera within the Insect Zoo! You can actually look around and zoom in and out. If you cannot physically visit the zoo, this is the next best thing!
  9. Iowa State University Entomology Image Gallery - high-quality photographs of insects and the damage that they cause.
  10. Iowa State Entomology Index: K-12 Educators' Recommended Sites
  11. MicroAngela's Electron Microscope Image Gallery - The images on this site were taken with a scanning electron microscope (SEM) in the Biological Electron Microscope Facility at the University of Hawaii. Cool art from science.
  12. Nature: Alien Empire - PBS miniseries exploring the world of insects.
  13. Stein's Virtual Insectary - provides images of some common insects, plus information on the foods they eat and the habitats where they can be found.
  14. Yuckiest Site on the Internet - explore the living sciences of entomology, earth science, and human biology through roaches, earthworms, and the mysterious human body.

Web Directories on Insects....

  1. Iowa State Entomology Index of Internet Resources
  2. Forest Entomology Textbook Challenge for the 21st Century - Fetch21 provides linkages to forest insect web sites around the world that would be of interest to the undergraduate and graduate students in entomology.
  3. Insects on WWW - Over 2000 insects and entomology related URLs covering almost every aspects of entomology.

Links to Artists

Artist  Sites Featuring:      Sculptors, Geometric Abstraction, Precisionist Movement, Futurist Cubism, and Mobiles

M.C. Escher

  1. M.C. Escher- "The appeal of MC Escher's fantasy and paradoxial inventiveness is universal, yet mathematicians admire the strict principles underlying his manipulation of space, time and perspective. His drawings are enjoyed for their whimsical humour, admired as works of art for their strength and intricacy, and studied for the insights and the challenges they offer to our notions of reality and representation." - JL Locher - General Editor - Escher: The Complete Graphic Work

Louise Nevelson

  1. Louise Nevelson - Sculptor
  2. Louise Nevelson - Links

David Smith

  1. David Smith - Smith . . . filled the grounds of his Bolton Landing farm, purchased in the 1930s, with large, monolithic works of sculpture, such as the Tank Totems, Sentinels and Cubis
  2. David Smith's Sculptures

Kenneth Noland

  1. Kenneth Noland - Colorist - American painter. Noland first experimented with bands of pure color in bull's-eye and chevron motifs and horizontal parallel stripes
  2. Kenneth Noland - Links

Frank Stella

  1. Frank Stella - The pivoting cones, triangular forms, and spatial theatricality suggested by his works are given concrete form in Stella's works

Charles Sheeler

  1. Charles Sheeler - American Precisionist Painter and Photographer, 1883-1965

Charles Demuth

  2. Charles Demuth - Links

Lyonel Feininger

  1. Lyonel Feininger - his unique cubist vision
  2. Lyonel Feininger- Links

Jean Arp

  1. Jean Arp - Links

Alexander Calder

  1. Alexander Calder - Father of the mobile
  2. Alexander Calder - Links

Math Sites

  1. Naming Polygons and Polyhedra
  2. Symmetry - make sure that you understand all three kinds of symmetry and address them in your research questions/story.
  3. Fr. Magnus Wenninger, OSB, mathematician, builder of polyhedra - Visit here to see some AWESOME polyhedra. Any bug would be proud to be made from one of these!
  4. Unfolding Polyhedra
  5. Hidden Polygons
  6. Models of Regular Polyhedra
  7. Polyhedra and Polygons - from the files of the Geometry Junkyard for help with symmetry and polyhedral models.
  8. Sketchpad Polygons - You could use sketchpad to design your bug!!!
  9. Geometry Junkyard! - Great Geometry Resources!
  10. Angles in Polygons and Tessellations
  11. Buckyballs - What do soccer balls, Carbon 60, and truncated icosahedron have in common? Check here!
  12. Picture rendered by Rob Wieringa
  13. Polygons: formality and intuition
  14. Polygons with compass and straightedge or Constructing a regular decagon
  15. Figures and Polygons - info on polygons, regular polygons, convex vs. concave polygons, closed figures, and lots more on polygons.
  16. Polygons - definitions with illustrations
  17. Geometry - Mathematics and the Liberal Arts - links to many topics in geometry, polygons, and their properties
  18. Angle Measures of Polygons

Project Description
Research Questions
Student Work

This page was created by Nancy Powell to accompany the geometry project entitled "I've Got That Geometry Bug!".

The Bug Web project was created by Nancy Powell and Cathy Denbesten for their Geometry Classes. Nancy is a former Teachers Network web mentor.


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