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Bug Web: Albino Polar Bug
I've got that Geometry Bug!

A Day in the Life of my Geometry Bug

My geometry bug is called an Albino Polar Bug. While creating my bug I used lots of geometrical properties and shapes. To begin my bug I used a Styraphone ball shaped figure. First, I cut the ball in half and used half for my bugs body shape. Then, I used two strands of pipe wire and folded each of them in half. Next I put one on each side of its head to represent antennas. Last I used cotton balls to cover the bugs body.

The Albino Polar Bug uses its antennae as a hearing device to stay clear of danger. It can hear other creatures coming atlease 10 feet away. This bug crawls so it may not move as fast as other insects. It's furry body helps to keep it warm since it lives in places with such low temperture climates.

The Albino Polar Bug can usually be found in very low climates, like in Antartica. It may also be found in places like Canada as well as the United States. They hibernate throughout the summer, and Spring. They do not come out untill the winter because of their comoflouged fur. Albino Polar Bugs are about the size of a beetle, many different insects can eat them. Insects such as grasshoppers, and crickets usually fed on Albino Polar Bugs. Albino Polar Bugs are at the bottom of the food chain. They can be found in trees.

The Albino Polar Bug crawls so its legs are not as fast as other insects. This bug was born with eight legs but after 3 weeks it grows more.It may eat anything small and soft enough to fit in its mouth. It can eat leaves, dirt, grass and shrubs.Some geometrical challenges this bug faces are when its 2 legs do not grow after 3 weeks. This is one reason why some bugs are faster than others. Although when the extra do grow it can be very painful.

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