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Daily Classroom Special
Critter Corner  

About this Daily Classroom Special
Critter Corner allows teachers and students to learn and share experiences about organisms that can be kept in the classroom. Critter Corner is maintained by Judith Jones, teacher at East Chapel Hill High School (NC) and Teachers Network web mentor. E-mail Judith. Make sure to visit Judy's other Daily Classroom Special, The Time Travel Interviews with Famous Scientists

To the Critter Corner Directory


Students of all ages love to have animals in the classroom. As a biology teacher, I keep a large collection of snakes and other organisms in my room. Over the years my classroom has become legendary! There have been hatchings and births and even escapes that bring excitement to the regular curriculum. As well as learning about the structures and functions of other organisms, I have found that my students overcome their fears by learning the facts about different creatures. My students have also developed an increased appreciation and respect for the organisms that share our planet. These are valuable lessons, better learned through hands-on experiences than from a book or a video.

Critter Corner is a place for teachers and students to learn and share experiences about organisms that can be kept in the classroom. You will find information about some of the organisms that my students and I enjoy. And, you can send me information about your classroom critters! Your descriptions will be posted on this site. I especially encourage you to have your students research and write me about your classroom animals. At the end of each critter description there is a button to click if you want to send questions or additional tips to the person who wrote about that animal.

Questions? Want to contribute additional information? E-mail Judith.

Organisms to Explore, and Other Things of Interest


Ball Python

Boa Constrictor

Burmese Python

Cane Toad

Chris & Seb's Science Fair Adventure

Corn Snake

Darkling Beetle/Meal Worm

Leopard Gecko

Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

Meal Worm Activity


The Buzz


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