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TNLI: Major Accomplishments by TNLI MetLife Fellows
Conferences and Workshops at which the MetLife Fellows Have Recently Presented and/or Participated
bullet Advanced Placement English Literacy Conference (MetLife Fellow Tory Babcock), Santa Barbara County (CA)
bullet Annual Statewide [Illinois] Conference for Teachers of Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Students (MetLife Fellow Lois LaGalle).
bullet Annual WyTriad State Conference (Wyoming MetLife Fellows)
bullet Assessing Arts Products Presentation (MetLife Fellow Sheryn Northey), Columbus and Cleveland, Ohio
bullet Bridging the Gap Conference-North Carolina Department of Public Instruction (MetLife Fellow Anna Wythe)
bullet California Association of Bilingual Educators' Conference (MetLife Fellow Sandra Bravo)
bullet California Writing Conference (2 Santa Barbara MetLife Fellows), Orcutt and Santa Maria (CA)
bullet Charlotte Mecklenburg National Board Certification Support Process Conference (MetLife Fellow Barbara Temple)
bullet Charlotte Reads Symposium (MetLife Fellow Sheryn Northey)
bullet Chicago Foundation for Education's Creative Classrooms Workshop: "Everybody Reads: Literacy Throughout, Success Within." (Chicago TNPI MetLife Fellows)
bullet Chicago Teachers' Union's Quest Center Conference-Panel discussion with all Chicago MetLife Fellows on how action research informs and improves instruction
bullet Choices and Consequences in History (MetLife Fellow Chris Mullin)-California History Social Science Summer Institutes
bullet Closing the Gap Symposium (MetLife Fellow Juan Carlos Aguilar), Fayette County, KY
bullet Connections between the National Board Certification Process and the North Carolina Performance-based Licensure Process (MetLife Fellow Barbara Temple), University of California at Santa Cruz New Teacher Center Mentoring Symposium
bullet Critical Thinking Workshop-sponsored by the MetLife Fellows of Lexington, Kentucky (over 200 persons attended)
bullet Critical Thinking Workshops (7)-local and national (MetLife Fellow Anne Buchanan)
bullet Curriculum, Community, Collaboration & Celebration-A Conference for New York City Educators (New York City MetLife Fellows), Annual conference attended by 400 participants; the MetLife Fellows facilitate workshops such as: 1) "Ensuring Teacher Quality Through Collaboration;" 2)"Teachers Taking Action: How to Get Involved;" 3) "Campaign for Fiscal Equity: A Teach-In on Equity & Activism;" and 4) "No More Groaning: Taking Control of Professional Development"
bullet Facilitator Training for National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (MetLife Fellow Sheryn Northey)
bullet Florida Partnerships in Education Conference (MetLife Fellow Barbara Hampton), Miami
bullet Florida Department of Education- Adult Literacy Conference (MetLife Fellow Barbara Hampton), Miami
bullet Florida State Legislature (MetLife Fellows Claire Price, Barbara Hampton, Steven Payne, Janie Glueck, and Patrick Williams)-arranged meeting with several state senators and representatives to introduce the work of the TNPI MetLife Fellows
bullet Miami Central Feeder Pattern (MetLife Fellow Lois Magnus)-presentation of action research to area principals
bullet Microgravity Major Impact-National Science Teachers Association Convention (Chicago MetLife Fellow Joy Reeve), San Diego (CA)
bullet National Board Certification-An Overview (MetLife Fellow Betty Rhodes), Fayette County Education Association; and, Kentucky Education Association
bullet National Board for Professional Teaching Standards Invitational Research Conference (MetLife Fellows Sheryn Northey, Barbara Temple, and Sheila Oates)
bullet National Conference of Teachers of Mathematics (MetLife Fellow Brenda Jackson)
bullet National Council for Teacher Education Conference (Wyoming MetLife Fellows), Washington, DC
bullet Presentation to the Executive Council of the West Mecklenburg Collaboration for Education Reform Initiative (MetLife Fellow Katherine Pope)
bullet Release of the MetLife Survey of the American Teacher (MetLife Fellow Jeremy Copeland)
bullet School Improvement Conference-North Central Association and the Wyoming Department of Education (Wyoming MetLife Fellows), Casper (WY)
bullet The Status of Education in the United States (MetLife Fellow Linda Wiezorek), Presented at Embassy Art Center, Ghana, Africa
bullet Teachers Network Legislative Breakfast for New York City and State Policymakers (note: annual event attended by state senators, Assembly members, City Council members, Borough Presidents, Deputy Mayor of New York City, etc.)
bullet Urban Ethnography Conference (MetLife Fellows Susan Browne, Judi Fenton, Mark Grashaw, Sarah Picard, Joe Rafter, and Denise Watson), University of Pennsylvania
bullet What Goes Around Comes Around-AT&T Emerging Technology Conference (Chicago MetLife Fellow Joy Reeve), Washington DC
bullet Winter Conference on Literacy 2002 (MetLife Fellows Chris Mullin and Tory Babcock), University of California at Santa Barbara
bullet Wyoming Statewide Standards Dialogue (Wyoming MetLife Fellows, by invitation)-among business, education, and policy leaders throughout the state


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