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Project URL:  http://teachersnetwork.org/teachnet-lab/IS24/pshea/monsters.htm

See the video!

How it works:

"Monsters & Myths: Scripts" is a comprehensive interdisciplinary unit pairing English/Language Arts and the fine arts for intermediate school students. It is a companion to "Monsters & Myths: Sculpts." The lessons introduce myths from many cultures as a unique genre of literature. There are opportunities for students to use critical thinking skills to compare and contrast mythic tales, compare versions of the same story, and to respond to literature in several forms. 

The culminating activity synthesizes learning from all aspects of the unit, as students collaboratively create scripts based on stories they have researched, using multiple resources, including the Internet. Their dramatizations are performed, recorded, and celebrated at a unique festival "fit for the gods."

Standards addressed:

Reading: Reading books of various genre. 
Writing: Producing responses to literature. Producing narrative accounts. 
Speaking, Listening, Viewing: Participating in group meetings. Making informed judgments about media.
Conventions, Grammar, Usage: Demonstrating an understanding of the rules of English. Analyzing and revising work. 
Literature: Responding to fiction and drama. Producing work in literary genre.  
Art:  Creating, performing, and participating in the arts.  Knowing and using arts materials.

Software materials used:

Word processor, Internet connection, Inspiration software, greeting card software (such as: Print Shop, American Greeting Cards), printer

The students:

Meets the needs of the middle school learner through interdisciplinary connection, group work, and highly engaging, interactive design.

Overall value:

Students are engaged in a highly motivating, purposeful project-based unit. They work together utilizing all of their language arts skills in their research, discussion, planning, creation and acting. Although there are opportunities for students to work independently in the unit, the interactive aspect is important for middle schoolers. Students recognize and appreciate the greatness and power of these stories that have transcended time through this valuable experience

Tips for teachers:

Please refer to companion unit in Art, "Monsters & Myths: Sculpts" by Lori Langsner.

Pat and Lori with Medusa

Pat Shea-Bischoff has been teaching in New York City Public Intermediate School 24 in Staten Island, New York for thirty-three years. She is currently serving a second term as International Reading Association Coordinator for New York State. She was President of the New York State Reading Association in 1990. In addition, Pat is an adjunct faculty member of the Curriculum and Instruction Division of Graduate Education at Fordham University where she is a doctoral candidate.

Lori Langsner is currently an art teacher at Myra S. Barnes Intermediate School 24 on Staten Island, NY. She has been incorporating technology into her art classroom for the past two years with the TeachNet Project. Mrs. Langsner is one of the original writers of the TeachNet Grant Project for her school. She is also the recipient of an Impact II Award Adaptor Grant for her lessons on Van Gogh and Monet.

Estimated class periods to complete: 10 or more

Beginning Grade level: 7

Ending Grade level: 12

Subject Area: English, Arts





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